9 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress to Increase Website Engagement (2021)

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best quiz plugins for wp

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One main goal of any website owner is to get their visitors engaged and discover more about their audience. When you use the best quiz plugins for WordPress, you have an easy way to do exactly that.

Have you ever visited Buzzfeed? They are the quiz masters– their content allows them to create viral and engaging content that increases user interaction, and you can do exactly the same thing.

In this article, we will examine our hand selected 9 best quiz plugins for WordPress so you can captivate your audience and boost the time your visitors spend on your site as well as engage them for a better overall experience.

1. Formidable Forms

best quiz plugins for WordPress Formidable Forms

If you’re looking for one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress in terms of advanced features and drag-and-drop editing, Formidable Forms is one of the best options for you. You can use their form builder to create forms that are much more than general contact forms. 

Formidable Forms allows you to create blank forms and create your WordPress quizzes from scratch, but it also comes with plentiful templates to help you in building something quickly. 

You’ll be able to create quizzes and apply your own grading scale, or simply have them scored automatically. There are plenty of ways to format the quiz score, such as by the total answer count, percentage of answers correct, assign a letter grade, and more. 

After the user submits their quiz, you can either display the score in an immediate completion message or email the results directly to their contact information. 

Formidable forms offers you many more possibilities besides just quizzes, which is why it can be a comprehensive solution as well as one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress. 
You’ll need the Business plan or higher to gain access to the Quiz Maker feature.

2. LearnDash

best quiz plugins for WordPress LearnDash

If you are in the business of creating courses and online instructional guides, for you, LearnDash will definitely be one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress. Because LearnDash is already recognized as one of the best LMS (Learning Management System) plugins for WordPress, you’ll be able to take advantage of their powerful quiz creator. 

The LearnDash quiz creator includes varying question types, including: 

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free text
  • Matching
  • Sorting
  • Fill-in-the-black
  • Survey
  • Essay 

There are additional features that put it among the best quiz plugins for WordPress even as an LMS, such as: 

  • Timed quizzes
  • Question bank
  • Multi-page quizzes
  • Limit attempts 
  • Randomized quizzes
  • Media-capable quiz questions and answers 

They also shine with their options for displaying quiz results, giving you tons of options such as redirects, messages, result displays with style customization, leaderboards, levels, and even certificates. 

If you’re in the business of creating online courses or other types of content, LearnDash will provide you all that and more as one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress.

3. Interact Quiz Maker

best quiz plugins for WordPress Interact Quiz Maker

Our list of the best quiz plugins for WordPress wouldn’t be complete without a free option, and Interact Quiz Maker is an excellent option if you want to create engaging and even viral quizzes. 

You can use Interact quizzes to generate leads, traffic, improve conversions, and solidify your social media presence, which is why quiz plugins are good for your business in general. 

Interact Quiz Maker offers you: 

  • Different styles, colors, and designs
  • Over 800 pre-built quiz templates
  • Quiz branching (show questions based on users’ previous question answers) 
  • Simple shortcode to add the quiz to your site
  • Integrations with email marketing and CRM software solutions

If you are looking for basic quiz plugins, Interact Quiz Maker is for you; they also have expansive plans for even more features if you want to pay for a bit more, making it truly one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress with a range of options for all business sizes.

4. WP Quiz

best quiz plugins for WordPress WP Quiz

A simple and flexible quiz plugin for WordPress, WP Quiz offers its users three basic quiz types— trivia, flip cards, and personality. All of these quizzes support images in the questions and answers. 

Quizzes can be created with two different styling options in WP Quiz, either single page or multi-page. You can implement your social sharing buttons as well as auto-scrolling. 

For results, WP Quiz allows you to display them at the end or share afterwards, and users can also restart the quiz if they so desire. 

WP Quiz offers a pro version that will add additional features, including: 

  • Ad displays
  • Randomization 
  • Forced actions to view results 
  • Countdown timer 
  • And more 

There have been some comments that users had trouble saving the quiz results properly, so this may be something to keep in mind when choosing from the best quiz plugins for WordPress. Some of the following options on our list have higher ratings than WP Quiz.

5. Quiz And Survey Master

best quiz plugins for WordPress Quiz and Survey Master

One of the best quiz plugins for WordPress that offers multiple question supports and various result pages is Quiz and Survey Master (QSM). As the name suggests, its main function is to create quizzes, exams, and surveys for WordPress. 

You can create many different question types with QSM, including fill in the blank, multiple choice, true and false, and more. Quizzes can be either single or multiple pages and the results can also be delivered in multiple pages to be customized based on user scores. 

You’ll have access to email support, certificates, hints, comment boxes, leaderboards, and more with the regular version. 

There is also a pro version of QSM that offers premium add-ons like reporting and analysis, funnel optimization, and marketing integration, among others.

6. Quiz Cat

best quiz plugins for WordPress Quiz Cat

Cute graphics aside, Quiz Cat takes spot number six on our list of the best quiz plugins for WordPress due to its straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows you to make viral quizzes for your website with ease. 

You can add images to each question and answer and also create a start and finish screen for your quiz. They have a drag-and-drop editor that helps you to easily move your quiz questions and answers around. 

Quiz Cat promises not to drain your WordPress site speed by having a lightweight plugin that can be easily integrated with the post editor in WordPress. 

Each quiz answer can have ratings and assigned point values. This is especially valuable if you’re creating a right or wrong quiz for your website visitors.

7. HD Quiz

best quiz plugins for WordPress HD Quiz

HD Quiz has recently done a major upgrade for their plugin, making it an even stronger tool on our list of best quiz plugins for WordPress. They now offer a timer per question and a new question type, select all that apply. 

HD Quiz has many other beneficial features like responsive design, featured images, multiple question types, social sharing, images for answers, scoring options, and so much more. 

You can create unlimited quizzes with HD Quiz, which makes it an incredible option among free WP quiz plugins.

8. ARI Stream Quiz

best quiz plugins for WordPress ARI Stream Quiz

If your goal is to collect tons of leads, increase traffic, and capture emails and contact information, ARI Stream Quiz will offer you just what you’re looking for. 

It’s regarded as one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress because it’s focused around lead generation and also supports integration with email marketing service providers like MailChip, ActiveCampaign, and others. 

Not only does it help to capture prospects, you can also easily create your quizzes with their user-friendly interface. Results can be shared via social media networks and has other useful features, including: 

  • Multiple themes
  • Open Graph support 
  • Embed quizzes 
  • Export results to CSV
  • Options for answer displays 
  • Multi-language support
  • And more

9. Chained Quiz

best quiz plugins for WordPress Chained Quiz

Our final pick for the best quiz plugins for WordPress is Chained Quiz due to its conditional logic feature that allows you to create interactive quizzes that are dynamic. 

This means that all of the questions you create will depend on the answer that the user gives to the previous questions. There is zero limitation on the number of quizzes, questions, or results you can have on Chained Quiz. 

Chained Quiz offers support for single choice, multiple choice, and open-ended (essay) questions. You’ll then assign scoring to each answer and that will determine what the user does next in the quiz.

Which is the Best WordPress Quiz Plugin?

After careful review of each plugin, we find that Formidable Forms, LearnDash, and Interact Quiz Maker are the best quiz plugins for WordPress in terms of a comprehensive solution. 

If you want to add WordPress quiz plugins to your website, our top recommendation would have to be Formidable Forms. It’s overall the best option on the market right now and offers you extended capabilities in terms of form creation on WordPress. 

You can go with LearnDash if you’re looking for an extremely easy way to create interactive quizzes for your course website or services. 

If your motivation is the Buzzfeed-style quiz, then Interact Quiz Maker can get you there with their ready-to-use templates. 

We hope that now you can select the best quiz plugins for WordPress. Check out our other plugin recommendations, such as the best WordPress backup plugins, and if you’re looking to speed up your site, you may be missing one of the best WordPress caching plugins, depending on your chosen WordPress hosting provider

Which of the best quiz plugins for WordPress are you going to use? Let us know in the comments!

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