All in One SEO vs Rank Math: Which is Better for WordPress SEO?

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If you’re working on gaining more visibility for your website and better SEO rankings, you are probably looking for a great SEO WordPress plugin. Using an SEO plugin that is placed directly into your post and page editing is invaluable, and it can help you to optimize your content without doing any tedious work. 

Not only that, setting up your SEO plugin should be one of the first things to do after launching a WordPress website, no questions asked.

Two of the most popular options are widely known as All in One SEO vs Rank Math. When it comes down to looking at both, which one is better?

If you’re new to website building and content creation, search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a vital component to your success. In this article, we’re going to give you the complete All in One SEO vs Rank Math breakdown so you can make the best choice for your website. 

We’re sure that by the end, you’ll find a clear winner in the All in One SEO vs Rank Math battle. 

Let’s get started!  

All in One vs Rank Math SEO graphic

1. Overview: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

As we get into our All in One SEO vs Rank Math, let’s start off with an overview to understand a bit of general information about each option. 

Overview: All in One SEO

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AISSEO landing page

All in One SEO, also known as AIOSEO, is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress and many people continue to use it, making it also one of the most popular available. It’s reached the list of most downloaded WordPress plugins, hitting over 2 million downloads. 

Because of this, the All in One SEO vs Rank Math discussion is a tight one: there are many benefits and features to using All in One SEO and it has a seamless user experience that’s very straightforward and approachable for all users. 

It will help you to optimize your website and boost your SEO rankings though excellent analytics and advanced SEO modules. 

Overview: Rank Math

All in One SEO vs Rank Math landing page

While Rank Math is newer when compared to All in One SEO, it’s been so successful and user-friendly that it’s accumulated a large number of users over that short period. It has incredibly sophisticated features and is very easy to use. 

The main SEO settings can be adjusted so that the plugin optimizes your website for higher SEO rankings. It also provides insightful options that improve your SEO that has set it apart as one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. 

2. Features: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

Now that we have a general idea of the background, we’ll start our All in One SEO vs Rank Math comparison with the features of each option. There are expansive features for each plugin.

All in One SEO Features

These are the most attractive features that AIOSEO offers its users: 

  • SEO Audit Checklist: this feature provides insights for your whole WordPress website for improvement through analysis. It can detect errors that hurt your performance and recommend action items to fix them. 
  • WooCommerce SEO: AIOSEO offers advanced support for WooCommerce, allowing you to optimize WooCommerce pages for categories, products, and more. 
  • Social Media Integration: You can manage how your content and thumbnail will appear on different social media networks. The plugin wil also communicate which social media platforms your website uses to the social search engines. 

Smart XML Sitemaps: sitemaps are important for SEO performance, so AIOSEO will generate sitemaps automatically and also notify the search engines when they are created. This keeps your sitemaps up to date and all types of WordPress content is supported.

Rank Math Features

In the All in One SEO vs Rank Math debate, the Rank Math features come up very attractive: 

  • Quick Setup Wizard: You’ll be able to verify your site settings automatically and get suggestions about the ideal settings for your website. The Rank Math setup wizard is extremely efficient. 
  • Advanced SEO Analytics Module: You will be able to track all of your SEO ranking and any search engine errors that may be apparent. In addition, you’ll be able to see keywords that are ranked for your website directly from the Rank Math dashboard after careful analysis from the system. Very useful. 
  • Schema Generator: The Schema markup on Rank Math offers more information about your website to search engines and users, allowing your website to stand out and rank better with optimized SERPs. 
  • Position Rank History: The Rank Math plugin offers users the ability to see their historical ranking position so that they can make note of their rankings over time, helping to understand the movement of SEO rankings and strategize for future improvements. 
  • Google Trends Keyword Comparison: Integrated with Google Trends, Rank Math helps you to research potential keywords that may be good targets and identify any that you might have been missing previously. 

We won’t be able to base our All in One SEO vs Rank Math verdict on features alone, but both of them include an impressive array of features that are undoubtedly beneficial to their users. The list you find above isn’t a comprehensive list, but they are some of the most prominent and useful. 
If you want to see more about the respective features on the Rank Math feature page and AIOSEO feature page.

3. Getting Started: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

In order to understand which tool is better in terms of setting up the plugin, we’re going to go over getting started with All in One SEO vs Rank Math. If you’re already using one of the two plugins, you can follow the subsequent section as a guide to setup.

Getting Started: All in One SEO

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO startup wizard

The good news for beginners and experts alike is that All in One SEO is a very easy plugin to set up. The first step is to install and activate All in One SEO, and you’ll be directed to the Setup Wizard, where you’ll click Let’s Get Started to begin the process. 

After this, you’ll be pushed through a variety of steps to finish the setup. At each step, you will be asked to input different information about your website. The steps are as follows: 

  • Import data 
  • Select a category
  • Additional site information 
  • Enable SEO features
  • Search appearance
  • Site analyzer 

If you have purchased the AIOSEO Pro version, you’ll input the license key after all of the previous steps. Now that the required information is completed and you’ve gone through all of the steps, simply hit Finish Setup and Go to the Dashboard. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO finish setup

And that’s it! Pretty simple to get started with AIOSEO. Let’s see how Rank Math compares.

Getting Started: Rank Math

If you thought AIOSEO was easy, you’ll find the process for Rank Math just as simple, if not more so. The first thing you’ll need to do is install and activate the plugin in order to be directed to the startup wizard. 

Similarly to All in One SEO, you’ll be asked to enter various information about your website through a number of steps in order to complete the Rank Math setup process. 

You have a bit more customization here, though: you should first choose what type of mode you want for your website— easy, advanced, or custom. If you select the easy mode, you’ll enter some general information about your website and Rank Math will finish the rest for you. 

In comparison, the advanced mode allows you to control virtually every aspect of your website’s SEO. The custom mode will take it even further and give you complete control over the settings file. 

This is a great feature, especially if you’re a beginner to SEO, because Rank Math can help you get going without much issue on your end. If you feel that you are already confident with SEO and can handle it on your own, you can choose advanced. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math setup start wizard

If you want the custom mode, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version. Once you choose, click Start Wizard to finish all the necessary steps in the setup process.

The steps for Rank Math setup include: 

  • Adding site information 
  • Connecting with Google Search Consoles 
  • Connecting with Google Analytics
  • Sitemap configuration 
  • SEO adjustments 

After all of this information is complete, click Return to Dashboard. If you’d like, you can click Setup Advanced Options instead which will let you configure schema markups, role manager, as well as 404 redirection. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math setup finished

Note: you can change the modes of your plugin at any time, so don’t worry if you choose beginner or advanced and want to switch it at any future moment. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math Verdict: Rank Math is a bit more straightforward in terms of setup because you can put it into easy mode if you’re a beginner and there are also fewer steps in the process.

4. Dashboard: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

The fourth section of our All in One SEO vs Rank Math duel brings us to the analysis of each plugin’s dashboard. This is where you will land once you finish the setup process for the plugins. How do they compare? Let’s find out.

Dashboard: All in One SEO

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO dashboard

All in One SEO offers a straightforward dashboard that is clean and easy to navigate. The first thing you’ll see is your SEO site score in the top left corner of the dashboard. It tells you if you have any critical issues, recommended improvements, and also good results. 

You can go one step further and click on Complete Site Audit Checklist if you want to take care of everything as soon as you land on the dashboard at any time. This will give you all important details and what you should do to improve your SEO site score. 

There are other options available on the All in One SEO dashboard as well. You can do SEO analysis, local SEO, manage the search appearance, and tap into tools, social networks, and sitemaps. 

You’ll also see any relevant notifications on the right hand side of your AIOSEO dashboard. The feature manager is also available for access from the dashboard where you can enable and disable any other features that you find necessary for your website.

Dashboard: Rank Math

All in One SEO vs Rank Math dashboard

The Rank Math dashboard is a bit different than what you will see in the All in One SEO dashboard. You won’t see the insights and analytics as you would on the other dashboard, but you’ll be able to access different features and enable or disable the features that you want to appear on the plugin. 

The features appear as modules, making it very easy to find exactly what you need from the moment you view the Rank Math dashboard. This may or may not be a big deal for you in the All in One SEO vs Rank Math debate depending what you prefer to see when you look at your dashboard.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get access to analytics; you’ll be able to see all important elements including analytics as well as general settings, sitemap settings, SEO analytics, status and tools, as well as titles and meta, all of which can be accessed via the Rank Math dashboard.

All in One SEO vs Rank Math Verdict: We like the fact that you can see your SEO analytics the moment you land on your AIOSEO dashboard, but Rank Math also makes it easy to access all different features that you need with the click of a button. This one comes down to user preference.

5. User Interface: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

Now that we’ve taken a look at the dashboard of All in One SEO vs Rank Math, let’s take a look at the general interface of each plugin to see how they measure up against one another.

All in One SEO User Interface

This is one key difference in All in One SEO vs Rank Math: the main All in One SEO interface is available in a meta box at the bottom of your WordPress post editor. In addition, there is a meta box that is compatible with the Gutenberg editor which will appear at the right sidebar of the editor (similar to Rank Math).

It appears as a box with your score inside, which helps you to understand how your content evolves along with SEO components in mind, and this is a very convenient feature; better than the meta box at the bottom of the post editor. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO meta box

It gives you content and SEO analysis according to four different settings: 

  • General: This section discusses elements like content, title, meta description, and others as they relate to general SEO and readability of your content. 
  • Social: Your information related to social media accounts will be configured here. 
  • Schema: In this section, the configuration of schema type and articles will be defined. 

Advanced: Any additional advanced options can be found here to give your SEO even more impact. 

Rank Math User Interface

You won’t notice too much of a difference in terms of All in One SEO vs Rank Math when it comes to user interface, which is great, because it’s a very convenient format. The Rank Math meta box also pairs with the Gutenberg editor and can be found with a similar style box at the top right of the editor. 

This is the only place where you’ll find a Rank Math meta box and if you click on this score button, all other details can be accessed just like in AIOSEO. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math meta box

Rank Math offers a powerful content and SEO analysis tool in four different sections, similar to AIOSEO: 

  • General: options for SEO and readability can be found in the first box, including similar elements such as content, title, keywords, etc. 
  • Advanced: Here you’ll find options that allow you to edit things like no follow, archive, snippet, and index robots meta, including advanced ones.
  • Schema: The schema can be generated and configured in this box, allowing for better results in SERPs.
  • Social: You’ll be able to edit thumbnails, title, and descriptions for when your website content is shared or displayed across social media networks. 

All in One SEO vs Rank Math Verdict: Both plugins offer a meta box in the sidebar, which is the most useful place to have it. The look and feel of both are extremely similar, so you won’t find much of a difference between the two. The main difference is the meta box at the bottom of the editor that All in One SEO offers, so it also comes down to user preference here as well. Both tools offer strong content and SEO analysis. 

6. Keyword Analysis: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

As we move forward in our All in One SEO vs Rank Math comparison, we have arrived at one of the most important elements of all: keyword analysis. This is ultimately where you’re going to get your results and how you’ll be able to optimize your content for SEO. Let’s see how they stack up.

Keyword Analysis of All in One SEO

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO keyword analysis

While the interface and structure of All in One SEO vs Rank Math is quite similar, we may see some differences here in just a bit. The meta box that AIOSEO provides on the right-hand side includes necessary suggestions for better SEO in your content. 

One key component of this is the focus keyphrase. You’ll enter the primary keyword for your page or content and it will score you based on the page analysis, which includes the focus keyphrase in the title, meta, introduction, subheadings, URL, and image alt titles. 

Other things that impact the keyword analysis score is your keyword length and internal linkings to your page. The meta box’s color will reflect how effective your SEO score is, meaning you’ll rank higher in search engines. 

If you didn’t quite hit the mark and get to green, you’ll see suggestions on how you can do it and how your content can be improved. You can get a higher score and therefore ideally gain higher rankings in search engines.

Keyword Analysis of Rank Math

All in One SEO vs Rank Math keyword analysis

You’ll see similarities in this section in terms of All in One SEO vs Rank Math, but we’re inclined to say that Rank Math offers you just a bit more. 

The basics are the same— you’ll get a box with a score in it and a variety of different scoring features, including focus keyword in content, title, meta description, internal links, external links keyword density, and image alt titles. 

When you have a green score in Rank Math, just like AIOSEO, you know that your content is optimized for SEO. If not, there are specific recommendations to help you improve the content. 
All in One SEO vs Rank Math Verdict: Again, we find that both plugins are eerily similar here with close analysis results. That said, Rank Math offers more criteria and a stricter scoring system, which means that they have better content analysis and will optimize your content one step further for SEO. That’s a big deal.

7. Price: All in One SEO vs Rank Math

Now you should have a pretty solid idea about All in One SEO vs Rank Math, except for the price points. We’ll wrap up our comparison here with some pricing before our ultimate verdict. 

These are the paid pricing comparisons; you can find a free version of AIOSEO in the WordPress plugin directory as well as for Rank Math.

All in One SEO Pricing

All in One SEO vs Rank Math AIOSEO pricing

There are four different pricing tiers for paid All in One SEO at the time of writing this comparison: 

  • Basic Plan: 1 site, $49.50/year
  • Plus Plan: 3 sites, $99.50/year
  • Pro Plan: 10 sites, $199.50/year
  • Elite Plan: 100 sites, $299.50/year

Rank Math Pricing

All in One SEO vs Rank Math pricing

Rank Math offers two pricing tiers for paid versions at the time of this comparison: 

  • Pro: Unlimited sites, $59/year 
  • Business: Support for client sites, $199/year

All in One SEO vs Rank Math Verdict: All in One SEO starts out at a cheaper price, on the whole, the plans that Rank Math offers provide more value than the ones offered by All in One SEO. There are more features in Rank Math’s Pro plan and with less price points, Rank Math makes it a pretty simple decision between the two.

8. Which is Better? All in One SEO vs Rank Math

The moment has come! Our official All in One SEO vs Rank Math verdict. Rank Math has come out the clear winner for it’s no-frills pricing, powerful features, and more strict keyword analysis. 

That said, you certainly can’t go wrong with All in One SEO. It’s considered to be one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins and not only that, one of the most successful WordPress plugins in general. If you only need one site and are looking for an affordable option, All in One SEO could be great. 

Even still, Rank Math has created an extremely powerful and beneficial keyword analysis tool that makes it so easy to optimize your content for SEO. It’s beginner-friendly and can help users get a feel for SEO even with no experience whatsoever. Even though it’s newer in terms of All in One SEO vs Rank Math, it’s still very valuable. 

Not only that, Rank Math’s paid plans offer more value than AIOSEO in general, and their free plan is excellent as well. Rank Math has shot to the top among the best WordPress SEO plugins without a doubt.


We hope you enjoyed our All in One SEO vs Rank Math debate! We had a lot of fun comparing the two and are confident that no matter which you choose, you’ll be able to optimize your WordPress SEO. 

Are you looking for ways to optimize your WordPress site speed as well? There are plenty of things you can do, including finding the best WordPress caching plugins

Do you have any other questions about SEO for WordPress? Which SEO plugin for WordPress are you going to choose? Let us know which and why in the comments!

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