One Funnel Away Challenge 2021 Review – OFA 2.0

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Success in online business is ultimately dependent upon effective use of sales funnels. 

ClickFunnels has helped over 100,000 people make money and shoot to success through even the simplest sales funnel, and some sales have been boosted by well over 100%.

The founder, Russell Brunson himself, claims to have made over 16x the money through these very ClickFunnels principles. 

If you’ve got lots of online sales experience, this can be a straightforward process, but getting started for the average online entrepreneur can be a daunting task. 

Even if you are a complete beginner to sales funnels, you don’t have to worry. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it is to take things to the next level and find success.

So, for that reason, I joined the One Funnel Away Challenge. This highly effective training program was designed by founder Russell Brunson to help people develop sales funnels that drive millions of dollars in sales. 

Since I was a beginner just a year ago and ClickFunnels has helped me exponentially, I put together this guide to explain this training program in detail and give you my own personal experience having completed it. 

After you read this article, you’ll understand:

● What the One Funnel Away Challenge is 

● What you’ll get when you sign up 

● How it helped me boost online sales 

● Bonuses of the One Funnel Away Challenge

● FAQs about the One Funnel Away Challenge 

This guide is just what you need to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the One Funnel Away Challenge and how it can help benefit your online business and sales funnels creation. 

I would have loved to read a guide like this when I was considering joining just one year ago, and I hope that it helps you.  

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What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is best described as a 30-day program conducted virtually to guide you in creating a sales funnel that will bring you max profits. 

When I was just starting out with sales funnels, I felt lost. I decided to take part in this challenge as a last ditch effort to increase my website sales, which I’ll talk about in a below section. 

Everyday your instructors— Russel Brunson himself, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian— will make even the most complex topics accessible to their students and give you a variety of tasks called “missions” that you’ll need to finish to move forward in the challenge. 

The material is presented by way of video lessons, and they’ll compart invaluable wisdom about developing million-dollar sales funnels. Yes, plural— more than one million-dollar sales funnel. 

So, is it possible to actually learn this information from video lessons? 

Yes. The reason is that you’ll be implementing what you learn into the missions right after you learn it, so you get direct practice, allowing you to build a solid knowledge base. 

While homework may not sound too appealing to you, don’t worry. These missions aren’t going to be huge, challenging tasks. What they will do is allow you to think critically and expand your skill set. 

The goal is to complete the thirty days and get your first sales funnel out there. Thirty days and a million dollar sales funnel? You can’t beat it. 

This challenge is especially handy if you’re feeling stuck, or lost, and need some guidance in increasing your online sales. 

So, is this challenge for you? Let’s discuss who can benefit from the OFA challenge. 

Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge for?

You may be wondering if the One Funnel Away Challenge is right for you. I had these exact same thoughts because I wanted to spend the money I had allotted to invest wisely. 

The OFA Challenge can benefit you greatly if:

  • You have reached a plateau in your business and need to re-strategize with a plan to get things growing again
  • You’re looking to increase sales through affiliate marketing
  • You have a solid online business idea but need to figure out how to get in front of more people
  • You need to fix your existing sales funnel(s)
  • You have no experience building a sales funnel but want to learn

You may not benefit from the OFA Challenge if:

  • You are looking to cut corners and “get rich quick” 
  • You don’t want to make investments in your business (this is not a free challenge; more on that later) 
  • You aren’t open to learning and growing in terms of your sales funnels 
  • You don’t have time to dedicate to the challenge material
  • You want to space out your training program over months 

While there are plenty of people who may fit the criteria above, I implore you to take a long, hard look at why you may fall into that group. 

It’s vital that you continually learn new skills and invest in your business. If those are the reasons why this challenge isn’t for you, you may want to reconsider your attitude and approach. 

The reason I say that is because this challenge is highly effective and well worth it. Honestly, thirty days flies by, and if you can truly invest in yourself and your business, you should try to make the time to get this done. 

Let me tell you a bit about how the One Funnel Away Challenge helped me. 


When Is The Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

The next One funnel Away Challenge (2.0 version) just startred this year.  The next one after this is beginning on April 5th, so make sure you sign up now so you’re ready to go when it starts. 

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What Do You Get When You Sign Up For The OFA Challenge?

There is a plethora of material that you'll gain access to through the One Funnel Away Challenge, all designed to help you make more money online. 

All of the materials are virtual, so you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your house or office, and you’ll be gaining access to materials valued up to $3,126, which is huge! 

The OFA Challenge is nowhere near that cost, so you’re getting a lot of valuable material for virtually dirt cheap here. 

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be provided when you take part in the OFA Challenge. 

30 Days Of Video Coaching From Russell Brunson

The mission videos that Russell Brunson provides are some of the most interesting and valuable of the whole course. 

If you’re not familiar with Russell Brunson, he is a self-funded millionaire who grew his SaaS business to $360 million through the use of these very ClickFunnels. 

He has also written a bestselling book with over 250k copies sold. Millions of entrepreneurs respect and revere his advice and tips for increasing online sales. 

Throughout the 30 day process, Russell Brunson will be the one assigning you missions so that you can learn how to streamline the process of building sales funnels. 

30 Days Of Live Coaching With The ClickFunnels Implementation Coaches

In order to successfully fulfill the missions that Russel sets out for you, you’ll need some guidance, and that’s exactly what the live coaches will give you. 

One of your coaches, Julie Stoian, is going to give you the play-by-play on how to get everything running smoothly and help direct your sales funnel creation. Julie is a million-dollar entrepreneur. 

In addition to Julie, you’ll also be taught by Stephen Larsen. He built his own company from scratch and in a short 13 months was able to bring in over 1 million dollars, making him a great person to guide you in clickfunnels. 

He’s built over 500 sales funnels and used to be the Lead Funnel Builder with ClickFunnels. He sure knows a thing or two about creating them, that’s for sure. 

You’ll be having daily group calls with Stephen, helping to keep you accountable and give you the direct, relevant advice that you need to keep growing and developing. 

It’s important to get feedback that doesn’t try to spare your feelings or make you feel good; Stephen will tell you exactly what you need to hear, and that’s very beneficial when learning ClickFunnels. 

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OnePager Digital Workbook For Each Mission

You’ll receive a digital workbook that will help you navigate each daily mission and make sure that you execute it exactly right. Included in the OnePager digital workbook is:

  • Daily task checklist
  • Journal and brainstorming space
  • Video training links for that day’s mission
  • Extra resource links (when applicable) 

Having this workbook is something very valuable that allows you to fully absorb all of the material and then demonstrate your knowledge of it through your daily mission. It’ll make sure that you keep all your bases covered. 

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30 Days Access To The OFA Challenge Facebook Group

The One Funnel Away Challenge makes use of Facebook, and you’ll get exclusive 30-day access to this facebook group, which expands your networks and allows you to ask questions to not only coaches but other challenge members. 

Russel’s daily mission video will be streamed to the Facebook group, so you’ll have all of them in one location as well. 

Big Breaththrough Trainings In Private Group

You’ll have live training sessions with expert consultants three times a week. You’ll be able to ask questions about your own funnels, brainstorm strategies, discuss challenges, and so much more. 

It’s a huge benefit to have these big breakthrough training sessions and get real input from the pros. 

What Bonuses Come With The One Funnel Away Challenge?

In addition to all the necessary materials and resources you’ll get when you join The One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll also get a variety of useful bonus items. 

These bonus items will help you to take the OFA Challenge even further and expand your knowledge base even after the challenge ends. 

Bonus #1: The “30 Days” eBook (By Two Comma Club Winners)

image 6

The tagline for this book is, “You Suddenly Lose EVERYTHING…” 

This book breaks down a 30-day plan to one funnel success, including 30 chapters and 30 action plans. The idea is that you can start from scratch and use even one simple funnel to get everything you’ve dreamed of back on track. 

Bonus #2: Unlimited Access To The “30 Days” Interviews

These bonus interviews give you insight into the most useful tips and tricks for building high-conversion sales funnels, and you’ll gain unlimited access to them through the OFA Challenge. 

That means even after the challenge ends, you’ll still be able to reference this. This is great news because you’ll be so busy and focused during the 30-day challenge that it might be tough to view these at the same time. 

Plus, you want to focus on the right information at the right time. Going back and watching them at your leisure can be beneficial for actually absorbing the information they compart. 

Behind The Scenes Of The “Two Comma Club” Funnels

This is an awesome bonus because you’ll get to hear from 30 successful Two Comma Club members— they’ll tell you all about the mistakes they made throughout their journeys. 

This is invaluable information because you can hear from experience what worked and what didn’t, and avoid making the same mistakes yourself. They’ll also tell you what worked, so that you can implement that instead. 

You won’t be able to find these interviews anywhere else, and these Two Comma Club members dig way deep and lay out the honest truth. You definitely want to hear these interviews!

One Funnel Away Challenge FAQ

Alright. So after so much information, you may still have some questions about the challenge. For that reason, I’ve listed some of the common questions I’ve been asked about the challenge in hopes that yours will be answered. 

Let’s take a look. 

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Legit?

Yes. While there is commonly a lot of hype around The One Funnel Away Challenge, and ClickFunnels in general, it does actually work and is totally legitimate. 

It can seem a bit like a scam or a bit scary due to the huge results that people are claiming as well as the flashy marketing and big, colorful buttons, but there is so much value that you can reap from this course. 

Don’t worry about it being a scam— the OFA Challenge is a legitimate course and a great way for you to get the basics about building sales funnels that will transform your online sales. 

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

Yes. It can be tough to commit to a 30-day program, especially when you’re a busy entrepreneur or business owner, but you will enjoy many benefits from this sacrifice. 

You can’t have growth without some kind of input, so dedicating time to The OFA Challenege is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. 

30 days flies by, and it’ll be over before you know it. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity. You get so much information and bonuses with the challenge, so you’ll definitely see the value. 

How Much Does The OFA Challenge Cost?

$100. The OFA Challenge, as we mentioned above, isn’t free, but compared with other marketing courses on the web these days, $100 is a great price for everything that’s included and the results you’ll be able to achieve afterward. 

If you break it down by day, it’s only $3.33. That’s less than a Starbucks drink. It’s a worthwhile investment into your business that won’t break the bank. 

Do You Need A ClickFunnels Membership?

No. You don’t have to be a ClickFunnels member to take part in the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

Why Can’t I Just Learn Everything Online For Free?

There’s a lot of information on line these days, but there are three key reasons why taking the One Funne Away Challenge is better than justs searching for the info and that’s it:

  • Feedback: You get specific feedback for your work, and it’s essential that you get this feedback so you know that you are absorbing the information correctly and that you are building your skills in the right way.

  • Bonuses: The bonuses that you get with the OFA Challenge are well worth it and you will gain access to a lot of information you can reference even when the challenge is over

  • Planning and Structure: When you read information on your own online, you do it whenever you want. With the OFA challenge, you’ll gain access to a schedule that keeps you on track and helps you effectively practice what you’re learning with feedback. It’s a course, and having this 30-day structure helps you to stay focused and learn as much as possible. 

At the end of the day, it’s only $100, and it’s a big investment into your business. It’s way better than looking up information online by yourself. 

Can I Join The Challenge At Any Time?

No, sadly you can’t join the OFA Challenge at any time because it’s a course that runs with a set group of people and instructors. You’ll only be able to register and start when the course opens up. 

This is a very personalized and focused challenge, so Russel, Stephen, And Julie need a set number of people that they can give their time and attention to. If people were popping in at any moment, the challenge wouldn’t work. 

Keep your eye set on the next one, as it’s starting soon. 

The OFA Challenge Curriculum: What You’ll Learn

Now that we’ve got materials and resources, bonuses, pricing, and FAQs covered, let’s examine what it is that you’ll learn throughout the five-week One Funnel Away Challenge. 

While you’ll be getting much more information than listed below, it’s still beneficial to get a play-by-play about each week’s instructional points and what information you’ll actually be taking away from the challenge. 

In this overview, you’ll come to know the basic weekly topic and what types of things you’ll be learning. 

Pre-Challenge Week

This week is a sort of prep week that allows you to take the time to get into the right mindset and framework for business growth. 

It’s important to take this week and give yourself some mental space to reflect on your business, your goals, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and why you’re even taking this challenge in the first place. 

When you start off on the right foot, you’re setting yourself up for success. 

Week 1

Week 1 covers the fundamental principles of how to sell online. When you think about online sales, there are a few basics that one must know. 

You’ll learn about hooks and how to get customers’ attention, why storytelling is important and how you can do it, as well as what it means to build an attractive offer. 

All of these skills will help you to continuously and effectively generate interest in your product/service through your website. 

Week 2

This week will expand on the information in week one in terms of creating effective sales copy. Learning how to build sales copy that engages the reader and reaches them on a personal level is very valuable for online sales. 

You’ll learn how to implement hooks to grab attention so that people stay with you. You’ll also learn how to tell a story that touches or affects the reader emotionally— super important. 

Finally, you’ll also learn how to create an ‘aha’ moment in your audience, allowing them to see the value and opportunity through your product/service. 

Week 3

Now that all of the sales copy and connecting with your site visitors is covered, you’ll get into the nitty-gritty of actually building your sales funnel. This information is invaluable and totally unavailable through other resources. 

Week 3 is the week that shines in terms of building profit-generating sales funnels, and will completely change your perspective and approach to your online sales. 

You’ll gain practical skills like creating sales pages, share funnels, sequence pages, squeeze pages, One Time Offers (OTOs), testing your funnel, and more. 

After you finish week 3 of the OFA Challenge, you’ll have a true skill set that will save you hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars in having other people build your sales funnels. 

Week 4

This week focuses on how to drive more traffic to your website and promote your content, products, and services. There are a lot of different ways to drive traffic, and you’ll also learn about some of the paid opportunities as well. 

You’ll learn things like types of traffic, what the difference is between content vs. sales copy, ads and paid promotions, and more. 

Getting people to your site is a big deal, so this week will help you to generate more interest in your site and get more people into your sales funnels. 

End-of-Challenge Key Takeaways 

And that’s it— you finished! Mission complete. After the OFA Challenege is over, you’ll feel like a whole new person with hundreds of new actionable ideas and skills to make more money through online sales. 

With so much more knowledge, two of the most important things you’ll learn in this challenge are the following:

  • Getting your customer invested through storytelling: Your storytelling must help build belief, trust, and an emotional response from your target audience. This can be done for any product, and the skills that Russel Branson leaves you with will completely revolutionize the way you approach sales.
  • Technical Skills— Funnel Creation: Of course the other highly valuable component of this course is learning to build a million-dollar sales funnel. After this course, I was able to design and build my own sales funnel, and so many other elements including a sales page, squeeze page, an upsell page, and OTOs. The sequencing depends on the product, and I learned that key point as well.  

Some folks might be overwhelmed or scared to start the challenge because 30 days of intensive studying and tasks seems like too much. While it’s beneficial to review everything that each instructor provides, there is some flexibility. 

You still need to put in the work and focus on the course to be successful, but there is room to save some time by skipping through areas that aren’t as relevant to your specific business and spend more time improving in areas that do matter for you. 

You can still have some elements of freedom even in this intensive 30-day course. 

Conclusion: Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth The Investment?

All in all, the cost vs. benefits of the One Funnel Away Challenge definitely makes it a worthwhile investment. 

There is plenty of talk about the OFA Challenge and whether or not it’s worth it, or if it’s just a fake online marketing course with little value. Not only that, Russell Bruson is known for his sales ability. 

Aside from all that, the One Funnel Away Challenge truly delivers a lot of value to its participants, and if you are ready and willing to commit a simple 30 days and $100, you’ll reap big benefits for you and your business. 

It’s really easy to plateau or lose traction in online sales, and the tips and skills that you’ll gain from these 3 pros in the OFA Challenge will make sure that you have a clear plan and direction to success through engaging sales copy and a high-performance sales funnel. 

It’s only 30 days. Make the sacrifice for you and your business— you’ll thank yourself later! 

People love ClickFunnels because it’s easy to use and the principles, frameworks, and strategies simply work. 

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By notme

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