Why Content Matters More for Ranking in Google (in 2021)

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Have you ever wondered the key ingredients for the complete recipe to SEO success?

There’s a few key points you need to consider when trying to rank your website organically.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of optimizing your website in a way that it talks well with Google.

Content creation is critical when it comes to pulling your serp rankings into a higher category.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about why content marketing matters and how it can absolutely transform your rankings when it comes to being seen within the search engines.

Why Is Content Creation Important When Trying To Rank?

Content, as they say, is king.  I never really understood why that was until I learned the framework behind SEO.

Just like every other business, Google has their own competitors.

Think about Bing, Yahoo, and a multitude of other search engines.

So, Google’s whole mission is to serve up relevant results that satisfy the searcher’s intent, so that the searcher stays on Google.

With the newest release of Edge Chromium, or “Microsoft Edge”, gaining market share there’s never been a more important time for Google to keep their users happy.

A lot of businesses out there really misunderstand the role that (great) content plays in an SEO campaign.

The searcher is looking for value (content) through searching (on Google).

Google has their own algorithm that understands which content is valuable and which content isn’t.

Things like bounce rate make a difference when serving up search results and really does affect the rankings of the specific piece of content.

The more value you can provide the searcher (with your content) that genuinely helps them, the higher you’re going to rank.

Remember: Content alone isn’t enough.  In order for it to start to rank you need people to see it, read it, share it, and link to it.

How To Create Valuable Content For Google Search

A great way to create valuable content that will help satisfy search intent and thus raise your rankings is to research.

I’m a big believer in finding what’s already ranking and studying that content which will help you create a piece of your own that has the potential to start out of the gate to rank very well.

Tools like Ahrefs or Buzzsumo are great to research content that’s hot.  Below you can see the content explorer provided by Ahrefs.


Another way to find content to model that will help you rank is to simply search for your target keyword in google.


My method to great content is to take what’s doing well and model it (in your own voice, of course).

Use Long-Tail Keywords To Rank For Less Competitive Terms

If you’re trying to rank your content against giant websites that have a high domain authority and tons of backlinks then I’d advise you to do better keyword research to find terms that you actually stand a chance to rank for.

If your website isn’t big enough to compete with the authority on the sites you’re trying to rank ahead then odds are you won’t ever be able to.

Never say never, but as I mentioned before, Google wants to serve the most relevant and high-quality content to satisfy their searcher’s intent and a site that has a lot more authority and backlinks will 9 out of 10 times always beat a smaller site that has less authority.

Long-Tail keywords give you the ability to rank for phrases that people search that are far less competitive.


The above represents the search term “how to write great content”.

As you can see, the keyword difficulty (an estimate on how hard it will be to rank) is 55 which is pretty hard.


Using a longer tail keyword like “how to write great content for a website” has minimal data as there’s not a ton of searches, but you’ll be able to rank a lot easier for that keyword.

When you do keyword research the right way, you can find a bunch of search terms that have decent search volume that you can legitimately rank for without all the competition.

This will get you a good amount of search traffic and will help you start growing your website with search engine optimization.

Hire Somebody Who Knows How To Write Great Content

Maybe you’re busy (or maybe you aren’t a writer).

You can use websites like Upwork and Freelancer to post a job to hire a writer that can write great SEO content for you.

At Xenji, we typically do all writing in house, but occasionally we will outsource a writer that’s USA based and does high quality work.

I always encourage you to start out by using the tools mentioned above and learn how to write your own SEO content that can help you grow your website with organic search volume.


Content is important.  One of the mistakes I made in the past before I was successful with this whole Internet Marketing thing was not creating enough content.

Even IF you don’t write it to SEO spec (there is a process to writing great SEO content), you’re still practicing on providing your market and your audience with real tangible value.

My advice to you is to not worry about the content you write to be perfect, but to do the research and use the feedback you get from your analytics and search console to see if you’re writing content that’s ranking and helping your website grow.

At the end of the day, it’s trial and error and it’s up to you to experiment until you find something that satisfies the searcher’s intent and helps you grow your business along the way.

We want to hear from you!

What are you doing that is helping you create amazing content that ranks well in Google?

Is there anything that we missed that you’d like to add?

Comment down below and let us know.

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By notme

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