Leadpages Review: Where it shines (and where it’s quite overrated)

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leadpages review

Any business today knows the importance of having an aptly-developed webpage that provides visitors with a great user experience. Leadpages is a popular platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and much more. 

Leadpages prides itself on helping “small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.” It’s widely recognized as one of the best solutions for those looking to take their website performance to new heights. 

The description alone doesn’t set it apart from other landing page builders available; for this reason, we’re bringing you our Leadpages review so that you can better understand how Leadpages can help you build a WordPress landing page and whether or not it’s a good solution for your website needs. 

We’ll address Leadpages pros and cons, pricing, and comparison to other alternatives in this Leadpages review. Let’s go! 

Leadpages Review: pros & cons

The first thing we’re going to discuss in our Leadpages review is the pros and cons of the platform. We’ll then dive into descriptions of how you can use it and what type of pricing you can expect.

All of our pros and cons are based on experience with other landing page software such as Unbounce, Instapage, and ClickFunnels

Leadpages pros

  • Easy to use 
  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable 
  • Create a WordPress landing page quickly 
  • Strong integration options
  • No traffic limitations
  • Templates can be filtered by highest conversion rate 

Leadpages cons

  • Limited A/B testing on Standard plan
  • Limited form options
  • No enterprise option
  • Drag-and-drop builder lags 
  • Lack of customization

It can be discouraging to look at the cons, even the best WP landing page software will have at least something that people don’t find optimal. Basically, Leadpages is very easy to use and you get a wide range of landing page templates

leadpages templates

The quality of Leadpages isn’t quite in line with those of other tools we’ve used such as Unbounce and Instapage, and there aren’t as many customization options on Leadpages as we’d like to see; however, there are still many templates that could work and they're consistently adding new ones.  

You will have a drag-and-drop builder to create your WordPress landing page, but it’s a bit limited and is also slower than desirable. It’s a bit discouraging considering the other easy-to-use elements of Leadpages. 

Does that mean that Leadpages should be a no-go and you shouldn’t consider it at all? Definitely not. They do have a variety of useful features like their filtering by conversion rate as well as pop-up and alert bar creation. 

How much does Leadpages cost?

leadpages pricing

The next section of our Leadpages review is going to touch on the pricing tiers that are available. There are three packages that Leadpages offers: Standard for new businesses, Pro for growing businesses, as well as Advanced, for agencies. 

There is no larger option for enterprise brands; that said, Leadpages targets their services to smaller businesses, justifying their package setup. 

The payment for Leadpages can be made in three different schemes: monthly, annually, or every 2 years, with prices lowered based on each scheme.

The good news here is that Leadpages is one of the most affordable options in terms of landing page software, making it an attractive option for small businesses and making it the best WP landing page software for those on a budget. 

Here’s a breakdown of all you’ll get with your chosen plan. 

Leadpages Standard ($37/mo, paid annually)

  • Connect 1 domain
  • Unlimited pages, traffic, and leads
  • Unlimited pop-ups
  • Unlimited alert bars
  • Free hosting
  • Over 200 free (mobile-responsive) templates
  • Over 40 standard integrations
  • Facebook and Instagram AdBuilder
  • Email tech support
  • Weekly group coaching

Leadpages Pro ($79/mo, paid annually)

  • All Standard features, plus: 
  • Unlimited A/B split testing
  • Online sales and payments
  • 10 opt-in text campaigns
  • Email trigger links
  • Special partner company discount offers

Leadpages Advanced ($321/mo, paid annually)

  • All Standard and Pro features, plus: 
  • 5 free sub accounts
  • Advanced integrations
  • 50 extra opt-in text campaigns
  • 1-on-1 quick start call
  • Leadpages virtual workshops

Some of the most valuable features that Leadpages provides is that you don’t have to worry about any traffic restrictions, even on the Standard plan, which is good in terms of differentiation from other landing page software. 

Other platforms have limits, like Unbounce, which caps you at 500k unique visitors monthly— after that, you’ll have to opt for the enterprise version. While this is an attractive selling point, many small businesses won’t be considering this range of traffic from the get go. 

According to our Leadpages review, one downside in terms of value is that you’ll have the option to create unlimited WordPress landing pages but won’t have unlimited A/B testing on the Standard plan. This works against its price advantage and differentiation in comparison to other platforms. 

What can you do with Leadpages?

leadpages editor

This section of our Leadpages review will focus on what you can do with the platform. There are currently three principal products that Leadpages works with, and all of these products can be created in unlimited quantities no matter which plan you choose: Lead Pages (landing pages), Pop-Ups, and Alert Bars.

In this section of our Leadpages review, we’ll examine each product more closely and discuss The Growth Ops Platform. 

Lead pages

leadpages editor continued

Leadpages’ main function works as a landing page builder that will allow you to build your WordPress landing page using a variety of different templates and functionalities. The functionality is similar to those of other landing page building tools. 

The first step in the process is to choose your template; you’ll then add the content that you want to include, and it’s ready to go. There is a huge library of templates, which is great for those who like options, although they’re not all of top quality. 

Leadpages has been progressively improving the quality of their templates, though, so there are a lot of functional and professional options to keep your WordPress landing page competitive. 

While you do have a drag-and-drop builder to customize your template, it doesn’t work as well as one would hope, with slow response time and a lack of true customization options; the templates are quite limited in what can be customized. 


leadpages pop ups

The next thing you can do with Leadpages is to implement pop-ups on your landing pages and other website pages. They are exit-intent pop-ups that will appear when a user seems to be ready to leave your website. 

The purpose of these pop-ups is to capture user data for lead generation before you lose the visitor. 

It’s impressively easy to configure and create these pop-ups on Leadpages with zero code involved. 

Alert Bars

leadpages alert bars

Alert bars are similar to pop-ups, but ultimately less intrusive because they don’t impede the user experience; they simply appear to the user without forcing them to interact or close out in the way a pop-up does. Our Leadpages review gives this feature two thumbs up!

They’re also mobile-friendly and can be a great call-to-action for lead generation that otherwise may not exist. Again, these are very simple to set up and don’t involve any code at all. 

When you combine alert bars with pop-ups, you have a great opportunity to boost lead generation and conversion on your WordPress landing page. 

How does Leadpages compare to the competition?

Leadpages has some of the most affordable landing page software available to small businesses and includes a variety of strong and easy-to-use features with a wide range of landing page templates. 

That said, if you start to compare with some of the more established landing page builders with more features and functionality, Leadpages may lose some of your interest. 

In this section of our Leadpages review, we’re going to put Leadpages up against its primary competitors and see how it holds its ground. 

Leadpages vs ClickFunnels

leadpages vs clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the primary options that businesses use to turn their visitors into leads, and leads into conversion. It’s an extremely popular web tool, so let’s take a look at how they stack up against one another. 

Ease of Use 

Both ClickFunnels and Leadpages are apt for beginners that don’t have much experience in web design or conversion tools. They both offer a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for beginners; they also offer you options to plug in CSS or HTML. 

In terms of the drag-and-drop editor, ClickFunnels is more fluid and also offers better-developed templates that set up sales funnels and they also offer more options for customization. 

Both Leadpages and ClickFunnels can be considered landing page software, but ClickFunnels focuses much more on building sales funnels into all website pages for high conversion, which ultimately benefits your whole site. 

If you are unsure about how to do this, keep an eye out for their OFA Challenge, also known as the One Funnel Away Challenge. This is a completely guided, virtual 30-day training and mentor program to help your website deliver max profits through sales funnels. 

Functionality and Integrations

Both Clickfunnels and Leadpages offer a wide range of integrations and features, and they are the same in terms of ESPs and CRMs integrations, Stripe payments, as well as advanced widgets. 

Leadpages will offer a variety of native integrations in addition to a few more online marketing tools, giving it a slight edge here if this is a priority for your WordPress landing page. 

On both platforms, you can also duplicate templates for later use; on Leadpages, this feature is called the share template feature. On ClickFunnels, this feature is called duplicate funnels. This is very useful if you’re looking to share templates or use the same templates and integrations later on. 

ClickFunnels also offers free business tools alongside their platform, which can be very useful for a wide range of tasks. 

Templates and Customization 

Leadpages and Clickfunnels will both offer a wide range of templates to choose from with easy ways to sort them. ClickFunnels has an advantage in that the sales funnel templates cover all areas of marketing combined into a very professional-looking, tailored template. 

Leadpages, alternatively, has more modern and unique templates that can be sorted by conversion rate based on Leadpages data. ClickFunnels has six pre-designed sales funnels that allows you to sort by what type of funnel you’re looking for. 

Ultimately here it depends on what type of look and feel you want for your WordPress landing page and what type of funnels and marketing efforts you want on your site; if you want real results and conversion, ClickFunnels is a clear winner here. 

Conversion Tools 

Both tools clearly understand the importance of lead conversion, but ClickFunnels is one of the most revered companies available to help you in this area. They have many, many ways for you to collect lead information and also offer the possibility to provide membership-only content and integrations with payment platforms other than Stripe. 

Leadpages provides the option to create alert bars and exit intent pop-ups, but that’s about it. They both also offer conversion funnels, and A/B split testing for testing effectiveness of your page, but Leadpages doesn’t offer unlimited A/B split testing on all plans, which will hinder your page creation process.


When building a WordPress landing page, you also want to consider your hosting options; both ClickFunnels and Leadpages can host your landing page and funnels, work with your own domain, or even a third party hosting solution like WP Engine

If you need to purchase a domain, you can get one from ClickFunnels; Leadpages offers a free domain for those on an annual Leadpages plan.

An additional feature of ClickFunnels is that the service allows you to add multi-user permissions so that collaborators can work on your project with ease; you can add up to 7 different permissions. 

Post-Publishing Analytics

It’s important to follow up on your traffic and web performance analytics, and both platforms offer you that capability. 

Leadpages offers you an analytics dashboard, real-time analytics, as well as no limits for traffic and lead collection. They also offer an SEO guide for your WordPress landing page. 

ClickFunnels has a stats page that gives you a variety of performance updates and has a rich library of videos to help you optimize your post-publishing content strategy. 


ClickFunnels is the more costly option of the two, but it also offers a variety of extra features, including a ClickFunnels affiliate program enabling you to make money through affiliate marketing and promotion. 

Leadpages, while not as robust as ClickFunnels in terms of features and sales funnels, offers unlimited traffic, Leadmeter, and high quality support. 

Clickfunnel pricing starts at $97/month; Leadpages pricing starts at $27/month. Both offer 14-day trials. 

All in all, both Leadpages and ClickFunnels offer value for their respective clients. You’ll undoubtedly get more potential and possibility with ClickFunnels in the sense that they focus on developing a sleek and seamless user experience to increase leads and conversion.

Our winner here is ClickFunnels, especially if you’re looking to amp up data capture, leads, and sales, so evaluate your business needs and see what your primary goals are through your site and WordPress landing page.

Leadpages vs Unbounce

leadpages vs unbounce

Our next option here is Unbounce; as you may have noticed from our pricing section, Unbounce doesn’t beat out Leadpages in terms of affordability, but it may shine in other more important areas. 

You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited A/B testing for creating your WordPress landing page regardless of which plan you are on; you’ll also have access to many different optimization features that are unseen on Leadpages, such as Dynamic Text

Not only that, when compared to Unbounce’s drag-and-drop editor, Leadpages pales in comparison. You can create your WordPress landing page much more effectively on Unbounce, making it more accessible for all users. 

Finally, Leadpages has a lot of template options, but they ultimately don’t deliver in the way that they need to; the form options are quite limited. Unbounce isn’t worlds better, but they do allow you to embed forms on Unbounce pages, allowing for much more variety and functionality in how the user interacts with your website and provides information. 

This option is unavailable on Leadpages. 

Leadpages vs Instapage

leadpages vs instapage

Like Unbounce, you’ll also get unlimited A/B testing on the basic Core plan with Instapage. When considering drag-and-drop builders and editors, Instapage is one of the most intuitive and could land it the title of the best WP landing page software in terms of page builders. 

We also really appreciate the heatmapping tool that Instapage provides. You can use this optimization tool to understand where your visitor’s mouse moves, scrolls, and clicks. It’s pretty fantastic— it helps you to understand how to create better lead generation and conversion based on user activity. 

This isn’t available on any other platform directly, but can be added to Unbounce, Leadpages, or Clickfunnels using a third-party tool like Hotjar

Leadpages verdict

The primary goal of Leadpages is to offer an affordable and accessible landing page software for small businesses, which they do, more or less. Our final Leadpages review verdict? There are a few shortcomings of the service, but the price points are reasonable. 

One of the main things we’d like to see Leadpages improve is the customization and template offerings, the speed of its drag-and-drop builder, as well as A/B testing available with no limits on all of its plans. 

If these issues are able to be addressed and resolved by Leadpages, it’s a solid solution for businesses when they are looking to build a WordPress landing page, exit pop-ups, and more. 

Would we say Leadpages is the best WP landing page software? No. If you’re really serious about lead generation and conversion through attractive landing pages and effective sales funnels, ClickFunnels is the best solution available today. 

Have you ever used Leadpages, ClickFunnels, Unbounce, or Instapage? What did you think? What’s your favorite landing page software? Give us your own Leadpages review. Let us know in the comments! 

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