Why Should You Link Your Client’s Google Ads Account to the Search Console?

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linking google ads to search gonsole

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There’s no doubt that Google Ads is a viable marketing strategy to drive traffic to a website with high-ranking search results. It’s a popular tool for generating interest around webpages and products and services. 

Whether you run your own page or manage for clients, ensuring that your page(s) are performing at top quality is priority one; it’s vital that you are aware of every tool available to help keep you effective and at peak performance. 

While there are many different tools available to help you, one of the simplest yet ignored is the straightforward strategy of linking your AdWords account to the Google Search Console (GSC). 

Does it make a difference if you link your Google Ads account to the GSC?


There are numerous benefits in doing so. 

The main reason that you’d want to link these accounts is to access extensive data, allowing you to make informed decisions about search opportunities and keywords that you are or should be working with.  

This is not the only benefit, and today we’re going to help you understand: 

  • Why you should link Google Ads to GSC
  • How to link Google Ads to GSC
  • Troubleshooting for issues with linking 

As we mentioned, the process is quite simple and easy to do, so you should be reaping the benefits of connecting these accounts in no time! Let’s get started. 

Benefits of Linking Google Ads to Google Search Console 

google search console dashboard

With so many new tools and strategies out there for marketing and search engine ranking, it’s always good to be in the know about simple yet impactful chances to gain a competitive advantage. 

Linking Google Ads and GSC is one of them, and before we tell you how, we’re going to dive into a number of benefits that you’ll enjoy.  

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1. More Keyword and Queries Data 

When you add the GSC to your Google Ads account, you’ll have access to different data and values that you weren’t able to see before. This includes incremental values for two key metrics of Google Ads: Search Queries and Keywords. 

Utilizing both of these data points will help you to understand trends and fine-tune your marketing strategy with a higher degree of sophistication and accuracy. The more analytics you have, the better. 

2. Compare Paid and Organic Keywords 

Connecting Google Ads and GSC allows you to see how well both paid and organic keywords are performing and funneling traffic to the websites and products/services you’re marketing. 

You’ll have access to a full report that you can review on a daily basis. It’s called “Paid & Organic Report,” and you can then fully understand how your CTR is impacted for different keywords in terms of both organic and paid reach. 

This data provides excellent information in relation to how you should adjust or revamp your strategy to deliver an even better performance while still adhering to your budget. 

3. Check Performance Against Other Bidders

Unfortunately you’re not the only one vying for screen time at the top of a Google search. Google Ads is a platform that works according to advertiser bids, so you’ll be competing with other bidders in each user search. 

When you’ve got Google Ads and GSC linked with your account, you can see how well you measure up against other people competing with your ads. Are you beating them out, or are you underperforming? 

You can find that out and then act accordingly.  

How to Link Google Ads to Google Search Console 

Alright, so we can now see three clear benefits to linking Google Ads and GSC. They’re subtle, but impactful. 

It’s not easy these days to get the necessary attention in online marketing, and whatever information you can get about your CTR and your competition is invaluable in terms of strategy development and planning. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 easy steps you’ll need to follow in order to link your Google Ads account to the Google Search Console. 

Step 1: Open Your Google Ads Account 

google ads campaign level dashboard

The first thing you need to do is log into your Google Ads account. This will allow you to properly find the menu that allows you to connect Google Ads to GSC. 

Step 2: Navigate to the “Linked Accounts” Menu

choose linked accounts

Once you’re in and viewing the Ads dashboard, click “Tools.” Once there, you’ll go to the Settings header and click “Linked Accounts” to pull up all of the options for Google Ads linking. 

Step 3: Find GSC

find google search console

All you need to do here on the “Linked Accounts” section is scroll through the options available for linking, find Search Console, and click “Details.”

Step 4: Make the Connection

click details inside gsc

After selecting “Details,” you’ll view a description of GSC as well as the option to link your Google Ads account to it. Select “Link” to move forward with the process. 

Step 5: Enter your Web Address 

link your domain

This is the step that you’ll want to focus on. You need to enter the website address that is on your Google Ads account exactly. There will be a prompt box for Search Console that says “Link New Site;” click “Continue” once you’ve input the information. 

After you complete this, you’ll get a confirmation that the accounts were linked. You’ll see the date that the account was linked, meaning that everything went smoothly and you’re good to go. 

If you see that the site reads that the tools weren’t linked, there is an additional element that you may need to address. 

We’ve added our handy dandy troubleshooting section next, so if you had an issue, read on. 


One reason that your account may not have been linked is because the ownership couldn’t be verified by GSC. 

In the event that this happens, you’ll need to click the link that reads “Claim it at Search Console.” After this, GSC will prompt you to complete this process and verify the owner of the site for successful Google Ads linking. 

FAQs: Google Ads and GSC 

Before we let you go, we are going to tackle 5 of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Google Ads and Google Search Console so that you can put your best foot forward and see better results.

What Is Google Search Console? 

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool that Google provides in order to monitor, uphold, and improve your website’s appearance in Google search engine results. It’s a vital tool that every person interested in search engine optimization should be using. 

You can gain a more complete understanding of how your site performs on Google as well as gain insight on how to improve your performance. 

You’ll be able to see tools and reports related to the following: 

  • Confirm your visibility on Google
  • Fix indexing and reindexing issues for updated content
  • View your Google Search traffic data and stats 
  • Receive alerts from Google if a problem is encountered relating to indexing, spam, and more 
  • Show sites that link to your website
  • Troubleshooting 

If you’ve never used Google Search Console before, you may want to check out a simple intro tutorial on how it works; Google has one readily available. 

What Is Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a paid service that allows you to increase your website’s visibility through short advertisements. You’ll gain more reach across search engines, websites, as well as mobile apps. 

The ads that you promote can include product listings, service offerings, as well as video; the Google Ads platform works through bids that users make on particular keywords in order to appear in these search results. 

You’ll always want to be aware of different elements such as cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR) so that you can balance the effectiveness of your Google Ads. 

Can You Connect Google Ads To Google Search Console? 

Yes, you can link Google Ads to Google Search Console, and it’s highly recommended that you do! We’ve discussed the step-by-step process in linking the two, so you can reference the above guide in order to get these two services working together. 

It’s very easy to connect Google Ads to GSC. If you’ve never used GSC, it’s a good time to start. 

Is There Any Benefit Of Connecting Google Ads To Google Search Console? 

It’s 100% worth your while to link Google Ads with Google Search Console. GSC is a free tool, so if you’re already using Google Ads, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to give yourself a leg up. 

You’ll be able to access more data that can guide your decision-making when it comes to your search opportunities as well as keywords that will drive better results. It’s quick and easy and it will significantly help your insight when it comes to Google Ads performance. 

Is Google Search Console part of Google Analytics? 

While both GSC and Google Analytics give you relevant data in terms of your website, they measure different metrics. 

Google Analytics is going to be more user-based, helping you have more understanding of your customers’ behaviors, website traffic, user experience, and more. 

Google Search Console, on the other hand, is going to give you detailed information on your website’s performance in terms of search result performance, reach, as well as fix any issues that may be presenting itself. 

They are both used for the purpose of analysis, but they are not measuring the same thing.

Thanks for checking out our guide, and we hope you enjoy the additional metrics that your linked Google Ads and GSC provide.

Do you have anything to add?  We want to hear from you, so leave a comment down below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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