The ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide 2020: How To Make Money With ClickFunnels

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So you’re all geared up and ready to become the next top affiliate.  And hey, the best part about affiliate marketing is the fact that you don’t have to worry about support, overhead, refunds, or none of that junk.

All ya gotta do is be the connector.  Connect the company to the consumer. 

It’s really that simple.  In today’s article, I’m going to break down the ClickFunnels affiliate program, how it works, and give you the best ways on how you can make money being a ClickFunnels affiliate.

Understanding how the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program works

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing then you’ll probably know that each company has their own unique policies.  Some companies give you a one time referral fee and others (like ClickFunnels) payout for the life of the referral.  That makes these companies the most attractive when it comes to picking what type of product or service you want to promote.

And Clickfunnels has a range of different and products and ways to make you money.  One of the best ways is their {{one funnel away}} challenge. 

What is the clickfunnels affiliate program?

Simply put, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is a way you can make money by promoting ClickFunnels.  They are one of the best affiliate programs in the market today because they give you all the tools you need to be successful. 

They even offer their {{Affiliate Bootcamp}} that teaches you from A-Z how to start and be successful in your affiliate marketing journey.

How to sign up for the clickfunnels affiliate program

You don’t have to be a clickfunnels user (although it’s recommended) to sign up for their affiliate program, but here’s the thing…

I wholeheartedly believe that if you have a duty to your referrals and that means giving them share funnels, teaching them how to use the software.  If you’re not a member then why are you promoting it?  It’s always good to practice what you preach.

The ClickFunnels Payout Structure

Like I mentioned above, ClickFunnels gives their affiliates a recurring payout for the life of their customer.

How much do you get for clickfunnels affiliate signups?

Taking this snippet from their affiliate agreement page, you’ll notice the following.

  1. Badge Commission: 20% (applicable to all ClickFunnels Users);
  2. Approved Affiliate: 30% (applicable to all approved Affiliates)
  3. Qualified Affiliate: 40% (reserved for Qualified Affiliates, see below for more information)

In simple terms… There’s 3 tiers of payouts in the ClickFunnels affiliate program.  You start off earning 20% on each referral you bring in.  That’s 20% recurring… That means everytime your referral pays, you get paid 20%.

Once you apply to become an affiliate (and you’re approved), then you will be at a 30% commission.

Lastly, once you sign up 40 members you have the ability for ClickFunnels to approve you into their “qualified affiliate” status which yields 40%.

One thing to note is that everybody who was signed up before, I believe it was the end of October 2019 and made at least 100 automatically keeps their 40% payout.

How often does ClickFunnels affiliate program payout?

ClickFunnels pays you when you earn at least $100.  Keep in mind that they do have to wait for their 30 day refund period before payout as to make sure that your transactions are not cancelling their plan.

Is the clickfunnels affiliate program right for me? Here’s the clickfunnels affiliate program review

I really think that anybody starting in affiliate marketing should find products and services that they believe in, that people need, and that pay on a recurring basis.  There’s nothing worse than when income dries up and that’s why I completely stand firm on promoting things that offer a long term payment strategy.

ClickFunnels offers their affiliates all the ammunition they need to be successful.  Whether that’s training, help and support, email swipes, etc etc.  They make it really easy to become approved and get started “out of the box”.

What’s included when you become a clickfunnels affiliate?

Like I just mentioned, ClickFunnels gives you everything you need to become successful.  If you want training, they got it.  Need help?  They have support groups on Facebook as well as through the company.  Want to make a lot of money?  Offering 40% payouts (once you hit qualified status) gives you a real chance to make some big dough.

Is the clickfunnels affiliate program worth it?

100% without a doubt – YES!  If you want to get into affiliate marketing then try the ClickFunnels affiliate program. 

Nearly everybody can benefit from using ClickFunnels, so that means you probably already know somebody who can sign up.  Not only that, but the enticing earning potential you have makes it a win-win-win. 

Yup, that’s 3 wins. 

A win for you

A win for your referrals

A win for ClickFunnels

Not to mention they have an amazing community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs on Facebook.  Help is always within arm’s length.

And even though I’m not a huge affiliate by any means, I still earn passive income for doing nothing.

Ways to make money with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Ok, now we’re at the fun part.  So you’re already a ClickFunnels affiliate and you want to know how to make some money…

Here’s the top 3 ways to make money with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

#1 – Integrate CF into your current business model

So, if you’re already in business then you have resources and connections.  Odds are that they would benefit from using ClickFunnels. 

#2 – Give out free share funnels

Giving away a share funnel is a great way to give somebody a 1 click website, but also get them to sign up to ClickFunnels.  You can do this for any niche.

#3 – Create a bonus stack

Maybe you created a course or have products you can giveaway for free.  Giving away a “stack” of different things that have value is a very enticing offer that works well.

In Closing

While the ClickFunnels affiliate program isn’t for everybody, I’ve yet to find an affiliate that didn’t absolutely love their program.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online and create additional streams of income, then look no further. 

Get your 2 week trial for ClickFunnels

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