10 Best YouTube Video Plugins for WordPress in 2024

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best youtube video plugins

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Do you want to find the best YouTube video plugins to make your website even better?

Having video content on your website is important; it helps keep people on your site longer and gets them engaged. If you’re looking to add YouTube videos to your WordPress, you’ve got the right idea. 

Are you looking for an awesome YouTube Video gallery plugin for your WordPress site? 

WordPress functionality allows you to embed YouTube videos directly into blog posts and pages, but if you’re looking to display videos in a gallery layout, it’s not a simple process. 

The good news is that there are plenty of YouTube gallery plugins that will give you the opportunity to do exactly that. You’ll be able to display your videos in gallery form without coding anything. 

Not only that, using a YouTube gallery plugin won’t hurt your site’s load time. 

If you’re ready to expand your use of YouTube video on your website, we’ve got all of the best YouTube Video gallery plugins for you. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the 10 best YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress so that you can create incredible video galleries for your site in a matter of minutes. 

The plugins we’ve selected for this list are easy to use, widely popular, and provide users with an array of excellent features for video galleries. 

Before we dive into this list, let’s take a closer look at how a YouTube Video gallery plugin benefits your WordPress. 

Why Use a YouTube Video Gallery Plugin? 

Since you can already embed videos directly into your WordPress posts and pages, you may be wondering, why do I need a YouTube Video gallery plugin? 

Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to take your video game a step further: 

  • No effect on load times: when you embed a video directly into your WordPress content, it may affect your load time. Since using a video gallery plugin doesn’t require you to store the videos on your site, it can save you from being bogged down by videos and slowing down your site. 
  • Video options: the YouTube Video gallery plugins that we’re going to explore below all offer a variety of different formats and appearances for your video gallery; with the ability to customize, you’ll be able to tailor the look of your videos to suit your site and your needs. 
  • Responsive: a good YouTube Video gallery plugin will adjust to fit any device from which a viewer is checking out your page; this is important to optimize the appearance of your videos and also help your site to remain mobile-friendly, giving you better SEO results. 
  • Improved conversions: when you have valuable video content on your page, you’ll be able to enjoy more conversion. Your SEO will be positively affected by videos because search engines understand how important video content is to users; what’s more, users will connect to your website more and be more engaged, also impacting your conversion rate. 

Ready to check out the top YouTube Video gallery plugins for WordPress? Let’s get into it! 

Top 10 YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress 

Here we’ll explore some of the features and functionalities of the top-rated YouTube Video gallery plugins for WordPress. 

Many of these YouTube Video galleries offer demos or free versions with limited functionalities; if you want all the features, you’ll likely have to pay for the plugin; costs vary depending on the plugin. 

After you check out this list, we’re sure you’ll be able to decide on the perfect YouTube Video gallery plugin for your WordPress website.

1. SmashBallon YouTube Feed Pro 

Widely regarded as the #1 YouTube Video gallery plugin for WordPress, SmashBallon has a lot of things to like. 

With SmashBallon, you can display YouTube galleries and feeds directly on your website in completely customizable ways. You can also display a gallery layout of YouTube videos automatically. 

Based on the selections you make, you can easily customize your video feed to match your brand image or website aesthetic. 

You have many options: you can display all videos from your channel, you can choose select videos to create your own custom YouTube gallery, or you can even create a single feed of multiple YouTube channels on your WordPress site. 

You can customize features on your videos including likes, comments, shares, and reactions, as well as enabling the subscribe button so that your site visitors can directly subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

If you like to use live streams, you can also automatically display a YouTube live stream on your WordPress site, making your content even more engaging for your visitors. 

In addition to YouTube Video gallery, Smash Balloon offers a social media suite, making it easy to include a variety of media from your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed on your website as well if you so choose. 

Smash Gallery ensures that you don’t suffer from slower site load times with their built-in caching feature, helping your SEO rankings. 

Smash Gallery offers a free version of their plugin as well as a paid version, giving you options. 

There’s no doubt that you’ll be impressed with what Smash Gallery can do for your WordPress site in terms of video galleries and social media feeds. 

2. Envira Gallery  


Another popular option, Envira Gallery is generally accepted as one of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins with available video add-ons, giving you the chance to create a YouTube Video gallery. 

The cool thing about Envira Gallery is that you’ll get a drag-and-drop builder to help you easily create your video gallery exactly as you want it. In addition, they offer pre-built templates to help you customize your gallery’s appearance with ease. 

There are a variety of options to help your gallery be more engaging to visitors, including the slideshow option and lightbox mode. 

You can embed videos from other popular video sites as well; Envira Gallery offers support for Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, and self-hosted videos. You can add a share button so that visitors can share your content to their own social media. 

The one snag of Envira Gallery is that new YouTube Video uploads will not automatically be added into your gallery; you’ll have to do that manually each time there is a new upload. 

3. uTubeVideo Gallery 


If you’re looking for an easy way to add a YouTube video gallery directly from your WordPress site, uTubeVideo Gallery can help you do just that. 

Not only will it help you easily add your gallery, you can also customize your videos with some excellent customisation tools: 

  • Add a progress bar for users to know when the video ends
  • Set the size of the video player
  • Select the starting resolution of your videos
  • And more! 

You can create video galleries with built-in support for both YouTube as well as Vimeo. uTubeVideo Gallery is a great way to embed videos directly onto your WordPress site. 

4. YouTube Showcase by eMarket Design

4YouTubeShowcase pro

eMarket Design’s YouTube Video gallery plugin is also known as YouTube Showcase. You can choose a grid view or a gallery view to suit your preferences. 

The YouTube Showcase plugin will automatically create your video gallery using only your YouTube video ID. You’re also able to change the thumbnail dimensions to adjust the look and feel of your gallery. 

In gallery form, each page will show up to 8 videos and you can adjust the number of videos that appear with a shortcode if you’d like to reduce it. In grid view, you can display your videos across a 4 column layout. 

Another benefit of YouTube Showcase is that it is responsive, meaning it will help your SEO performance and look great on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

5. YourChannel


Looking for an instant video gallery that you can get for your WordPress without much work? YourChannel delivers! 

YourChannel allows you to enter your YouTube username and channel ID and voila! It will automatically set up a video gallery on your website for you. Your videos can be played within the post itself or through a lightbox. 

While automatically setting up your video gallery, YourChannel also gets all relevant info including banner images, view counts, playlists, as well as subscribers. 

Once that’s done, you can customize everything just how you want it. YourChannel offers 7 great thumbnails as well as transitions so that your videos look seamless and engaging. 

Your load time won’t be hurt with YourChannel since they use a cache system to relieve the load on your site, and the plugin also supports RTL. 

With YourChannel, implementing a YouTube Video gallery on your WordPress site is a piece of cake. 

6. Video Gallery by Origin Code   


If you want a responsive video gallery on your WordPress site, Origin Code is happy to provide through their video gallery. Their plugin words with YouTube and Vimeo and allows you to mix videos from both to create the video feed of your dreams. 

You can see that Video Gallery allows a variety of different view options, including lightbox, content popup, justified video gallery, as well as content video slider. There are plenty of other fun design options for ultra customization. 

Video Gallery by Origin Code is very simple to set up and will only take you a few minutes; if you want videos to appear on certain pages or posts, the shortcode they provide will allow you to make that happen. 

7. Video Gallery by Total Soft 


Total Soft’s Video Gallery makes it so easy to create your video gallery for WordPress— no code required! Videos from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, as well as MP4 files are supported. 

You’ll be able to create unlimited galleries on your site and even add an unlimited number of videos. In addition, you can choose from 9 distinct gallery layouts and add special hover effects and apply a zoom feature. 

They also offer 16 free video gallery themes to help you achieve the look you’re going for. 

Creating a video gallery with Total Soft’s plugin only takes a few steps and creates responsive galleries that will look great on any device or browser. 

8. Embed Plus for YouTube


You can create a gallery for your WordPress from either selected YouTube videos, your whole channel, or a playlist, which is a nice benefit of Embed Plus. The default will arrange your video thumbnails into a grid layout. 

You can customize these settings, and you can enjoy preference settings for aspects such as live streams, playback controls, auto-play, premiers, and more. 

You’ll also be able to decide whether or not you want to show or hide the video information and titles, helping you create just the user experience you’re looking for. 

In order to embed your video gallery into your pages and post, look for the insert button that appears in the Visual and Text editor directly on your WordPress. If you prefer, you can also use shortcodes. 

9. All-in-One Video Gallery  


An SEO-optimized too, All-in-One Video Gallery will build you a responsive video gallery with no code whatsoever; the galleries are both scalable and searchable, which is a big plus. 

They also support multiple video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook. You can help users search through your videos through the creation of custom categories and subcategories. 

These categories are unlimited, so you can have as many as you’d like! 

Another top feature of All-in-One Video Gallery is its level of customization. You can customize things like: 

  • Player controls, 
  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Playback options
  • Context menu
  • And roughly 100 other settings 

A very highly rated tool, All-in-One Video Gallery is a great option for creating high quality video galleries for your WordPress site. 

10. Automatic YouTube Gallery  


A plugin that creates responsive and dynamic video galleries automatically, Automatic YouTube Gallery can give you the video gallery of your dreams in just a few minutes. 

All you have to do is provide your YouTube username, channel, playlist, search term, or a custom list of video URLs and you’re good to go. This will automate your gallery and auto-update with new uploads. 

You can create unlimited galleries that are responsive and you can also build shortcodes. They have built-in caching to help reduce your page load time. In addition, the user interface is straightforward and easy to use. 

Conclusion: YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress 

We hope that now you have a good idea about which YouTube Video gallery plugins can best help you achieve your desired content results on your WordPress site. 

Many have similar features, but some have additional features that really expand their functionality. 

Expanding your wordpress site through the implementation of video galleries is an excellent move for a more engaging site and increased SEO. 

What are some other plugins that you find essential in creating an awesome WordPress site? Let us know in the comments!

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