7 Best WordPress Books for All Knowledge Levels

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If you are just starting out in building your first WordPress site, or you simply want to expand your knowledge and learn some more advanced strategies to enhance your WordPress site, you may be curious about knowledge bases that can help you do that. 

While there are plenty of websites out there with huge amounts of information, you may be looking for a more traditional style of learning and hope to seek out the best WordPress books to help you learn more about the WordPress platform. 

There are so many blogs just like this one that are dedicated to the expansion of knowledge and how-tos for WordPress, but even still, sometimes nothing can replace the feel of a book in your hands (or an e-reader for those on the tech-savvy side). 

In this post, we’re going to give you a rundown of the 7 best WordPress books that can help you take your skills to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or looking to understand more advanced features and technical functions of WordPress development. 

Let’s get started!

Seven best WordPress books for all knowledge levels

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We will give a brief overview of each of the best WordPress books in its respective section, helping you to choose the ones that best fit your needs and put together your essential WordPress reading list.

We’ll also share the price of these best WordPress books as per Amazon at the time of this article’s composition.

1. WordPress for Beginners 2020

Best WordPress Books WordPress for Beginners 2020

As you may be able to deduct from the title, WordPress for Beginners 2020 is one of the best WordPress books for those who are beginners and looking to build a foundational knowledge of the WordPress basics. 

This book is one of the best WordPress books because it has such a clean and step-by-step approach, making it easy to follow with clear explanations of everything. 

This book was launched by Dr. Andy Williams with three other editions available under the webmaster series. It’s a great choice to learn about the WordPress classic editor as well as the Gutenberg editor, also known as the block editor. 
You’ll also learn other important concepts related to WordPress functionality such as plugins, WordPress themes, widgets, menus, and much more.

It has a nearly 5-star rating on Amazon and can be read for free with the Kindle Unlimited plan on Amazon, making it easily accessible for those that prefer to read on an e-reader. It’s also available in paperback as well.

Kindle Price: $3.99 (or free with Kindle Unlimited) 

Paperback: $12.99

2. WordPress 5 Complete

Best WordPress Books WordPress 5 Complete

Our second pick on the list of best WordPress books is one that will help you to get started with WordPress basics and will take you all the way through advanced WordPress topics that include developing your own themes, creating your own plugins, and more. 

The author, Król, segments the topics which makes them very easy to search through as well as comprehend for both beginners and experienced users alike. The book begins with a basic introduction to WordPress and key principles, moving forward through topics like: 

  • Creating content
  • Customizing your site using themes and plugins
  • Developing your own themes and plugins 
  • And more 

It has a near-5-star rating on Amazon and also gives an inside look into coding, blog creation, and much more. There isn’t an option for Kindle unlimited, but you’ll be able to purchase it directly from Amazon. 

Kindle Price: $17.19

Paperback: $39.99

3. Building Web Apps with WordPress

Best WordPress Books Building Web Apps with WordPress

The next book on our best WordPress books list is specifically for app developers or users who want to expand their app creation to include WordPress and how WordPress can be used as an application framework. 

Because WordPress is more than just a blogging platform, you can use your PHP, HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript experience to develop incredibly fast, scalable, and customized web apps. The book will give you all of the details you need to build custom plugins, themes, and services for web or mobile apps as well. 

Building Web Apps with WordPress will also teach you about web apple, mobile apps, web services, and multi-site networks. You can learn things like how to build asynchronous behaviors with jQuery and even how to create mobile apps for iOS and Android that can connect to WordPress. 

This book isn’t one of the best WordPress books for beginners simply because it covers a high-level topic that is more suited for developers or advanced users, so we recommend that beginners stick to one of the first two books we mentioned above. 

Kindle Price: $30.99

Paperback: $41.11

4. Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Best WordPress Books Professional WordPress Design and Development

Fourth on our list of best WordPress books you can find another option that is more focused on advanced topics that may better suit developers or advanced users instead of beginners. 

As you can guess from the title, Professional WordPress: Design and Development will introduce advanced lessons on how to develop and deploy a WordPress site, providing real-world examples of how WordPress can be used in web development projects of all sorts. 

Because this book focuses on advanced-level concepts and design + development elements of WordPress, it’s one of the best WordPress books for developers who are looking to expand their skill set and tackle new features of WordPress. 

The book includes screenshots and extension tasks that are possible with advanced tools and features on WordPress. You’ll also understand real projects that implement WordPress as their application framework. 

Kindle Price: $30.00

Paperback: $27.75

5. WordPress Plugins: The 672 Best Free WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Books WordPress Plugins: 672 Best Free WordPress Plugins

As the name suggests, WordPress Plugins: The 672 Free WordPress Plugins is one of the best WordPress books for those who need to find effective and affordable plugins for their WordPress site. 

The great thing about this book is that the book divides WordPress plugins into a whopping 42 different categories and also provides readers with recommendations on how to maximize the use of these plugins and their features. 

A book like this could seemingly become out of date pretty quickly with how fast plugins are created and expanded; the good news is that this book was updated in 2019 to include new plugins and note changes that were made to existing plugins featured in the guide. 

Kindle Price: $0.99 (free on Kindle Unlimited) 

Paperback: $6.99

6. WordPress Security Made Easy

Best WordPress Books WordPress Security Made Easy

Because there are so many different things that can threaten the security of your website, WordPress security is a topic that’s often on the mind of webmasters. While there are great WordPress backup plugins to protect and save your site, it’s better to implement security proactively to avoid issues. 

WordPress Security Made Easy is one of the best WordPress books to help you understand how to improve your WordPress security and will teach you to safeguard your site. Beginners can especially benefit from this book because it will help to understand how to boost WordPress site security without using any code. 

The book also uses visual step-by-step guides to fortify understanding of the concepts laid out in the text. 

Kindle Price: $3.99 (free on Kindle Unlimited) 

Paperback: $14.99

7. Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

Best WordPress Books Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

Our last book on the list focuses only on WordPress for eCommerce in tandem with the WooCommerce plugin. 

This book is admittedly a few years old, but unlike other books, this book hasn’t gone out of date just yet. It is still a valuable resource to help you become a WooCommerce expert and find the nuances of the service and how it can work with WordPress. 

You’ll find out how to start with WooCommerce wizard, how to customize WooCommerce features, plugins, themes, and more. You’ll gain some serious insight about running a successful store. 

Kindle Price: $27.99 (free on Kindle Unlimited) 

Paperback: $34.99

Check out One of the Best WordPress Books Today! 

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced user looking to enhance your skills, these are some of the best WordPress books you can use to learn some new tricks in many different aspects of WordPress. 

Reading books isn’t the only way to learn about WordPress, though, and if you’ve got a few minutes, check out some of our in-depth articles on various elements of WordPress: 

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