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This article will teach you about the best TikTok scheduling tool on the markete today … Have you ever wondered how you could upload content automatically to your TikTok account using a scheduler?  If so, then I’m going to teach you exactly how to use the best TikTok scheduler on the market today.  And if you haven’t, well, I’m going to show you exactly WHY you want to start ASAP.

Think about it this way — When you use a TikTok scheduler to upload all of your content, it saves you a LOT of time that you can use for more important things like brainstorming content ideas, moderating your account, or networking with other creators in your niche.

I’ve mentioned in my article “The Best Way To Get TikTok Followers in 2020”, that you’ll start to notice what I call “follower spikes” and “engagement spikes” when you post… In a nutshell, you’ll start to see a correlation between the time you post and an increase in followers and engagement.  

So that means, the more you post… The more followers and engagement you’re going to get.

And if you think your audience is going to complain that you’re posting on TikTok too much, then think again.  If you want to get real TikTok followers then you have to post consistently and often.

The Benefits of Using a TikTok Scheduler

There’s no secret that when you use a scheduler for TikTok to consistently post new content — you gain more followers.  It’s already been proven that the more content you produce, the better it is for your account, your fans, and the faster you’re going to grow your audience.

You will undoubtedly get better results (ie. more reach, more engagement, and of course more TikTok followers) when you post more.

It’s that simple.  

Another thing that a lot of people I speak with don’t realize, is that when you post to your TikTok using a TikTok scheduler like Social Pilot, you’ll save hours of time that you’d normally spend posting on TIkTok.

Think about it — When you use a TikTok scheduling tool, you sit down at your desktop and you take the content that you’ve already produced and you schedule it to be uploaded automatically.

That means you don’t have to be glued to your phone to post consistently because, as I mentioned before, one of the best ways to get TikTok followers is to post high quality content… CONSISTENTLY.

How Do TikTok Scheduling Tools Work?

TikTok schedulers work exactly like any other social media scheduling tool.  If you’ve never used one then i’ll give you an example… 

For a quick overview of using a TikTok scheduler, it goes as follows:

  1. Sign up to a TikTok scheduler like Social Pilot
  2. Connect your TikTok account to the scheduling tool
  3. Upload your content and captions to the scheduling tool
  4. Choose a date and time for the scheduling tool to post that content
  5. Save it
  6. Rinse and repeat

As you can see, it’s really easy to do this.  And the even better part is that if you don’t want to do this yourself, you can easily outsource it.

How Long Does It Take To Schedule My Posts Using A TikTok Scheduler?

I’m glad you asked!  This is one of my favorite parts of using a scheduler.  There’s two ways you can go about posting through your scheduling tool:

1. Post your TikTok content to your scheduler yourself

If you do it this way (which is more than fine), it will take you roughly 1-2 hours per week.  That’s just a rough guideline answer because it really comes down to how many uploads you want to post to your TikTok account.

A general rule of thumb is that you should start by scheduling two posts per day and gradually increase that number.  Keep in mind that’s just my opinion and you’d want to test different strategies (ie. posting 2 a day, posting every two hours, posting different types of content) because that’s how you gain the most genuine TikTok fans as quickly as possible.

2. Use a website like Upwork to outsource somebody to do it for you

There’s a great strategy that I use for a lot more than having people post TikTok videos for me.  It’s called outsourcing.  If you haven’t heard of it, you can check out my “How To Outsource The Right Way” guide that gives you a complete strategy of hiring good people for pennies on the dollar.

Here’s what we want to accomplish to get somebody to post to your TikTok scheduler for you.

  1. Find somebody on Upwork
  2. Upload all of your content (for the week, month, year, etc.) to a Google Drive folder.  That means videos and also captions along with dates and times for each post.
  3. Provide your contractor the login to your TikTok scheduling tool
  4. Share your Google Drive folder with your contractor
  5. Sit back and relax

Ok, so step 5 is actually a joke… Because if you want to keep the momentum high then there’s no time to sit back or relax.

But, the five simple steps I laid out above will give you the freedom to be able to post consistently without having to do it yourself.  That, in turn, gives you the time to produce the best TikTok content possible.  

And the cool part about this is once you start working with your contractor and build a relationship with him or her, they will start to know what content needs to be scheduled for what date and time.

Why is a TikTok Scheduling Tool So Effective?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to grow your TikTok organically in 2020 (or any time for that matter) is to post consistently.  Pair that with having the time freedom to focus on creating amazing content that connects with your audience, the ability to moderate your account by actively engaging with your fans, and to be able to network with like-minded TikTok creators in your niche is the recipe for becoming TikTok famous very quickly.

Another reason TikTok tools like schedulers are so effective right now is because a lot of your competition aren’t using them.

Don’t be afraid to use the right tools to grow your TikTok faster than your competitors because there will be a time when they have caught on to things like TikTok bots and schedulers.

At that point, your advantage (and growth opportunity) will be gone.

The Best TikTok Scheduling Tools

As of right now, we've only found one scheduling tool that we could wholeheartedly recommend. Keep in mind that we always have your best interests when testing products and services. Because the market is still so new, there are still yet to be new players in the game… But for now, take a look at our Social Pilot TikTok scheduler review.

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I hope you understand just how important it is to not only use a TikTok scheduler, but to post high quality content consistently if you want to get TikTok famous.  I know I’ve beat you over the head with using a scheduler and producing consistent content, but it’s really that important.

That’s why I wanted to give you my opinion and breakdown on just how to schedule TikTok posts and what company you can use to do so.

Time freedom is crucial when it comes to giving yourself the ability to do the things that really need to be done.  It’s the only way you’re going to experience massive TikTok growth.

Thanks for reading this article.  Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below.  We love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Have you used a TikTok scheduler yet?  Let us know who you prefer down below.  Lastly, if you want us to review other TikTok companies then you can tell us which ones in the comments.

Our Top TikTok Growth Tools

If you’re interested in a TikTok scheduler, then obviously you’re looking for a leg up on your competition.  Check out some of our top picks for TikTok automation tools that can help you achieve your goals even faster.

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