The 24 Best Live Chat Software & Services of the Year

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If you have a website or business, you know that customer service and conversational support is of the utmost importance to success. There are many different channels that allow you to offer customer service— which ones are most effective in increasing customer satisfaction? 

We live in a society of instant satisfaction, which means that customers now more than ever want a way to reach a business with a practically immediate response. It may be for this reason that live chat customer satisfaction is at 85%. This makes it a desirable option for customer service. 

Live chat software is an excellent choice because it allows you to actively engage with your website visitors at the moment that they’ve already shown interest or a need for support. Customers will have access to the answers and information that they need right away. 

This undoubtedly elevates the user experience and customer satisfaction levels, opening the door to more customer loyalty and retention, resulting in more revenue in the long term. 

Not only that, almost all live chat software offers a range of integrations with different CRM platforms and sales software, making it easy to find and keep a record of conversations, data, and transcripts. This central hub of customer contact can help you later down the road and keep things organized effectively. 

There are many different options to choose from that can offer you a website chat widget, so we are going to dive into the 24 best live chat software to help you make the best decision for your website, customers, and specific needs. 

Best Live Chat Software

When choosing the best live chat software, you should always consider a few different elements— the look and feel of the website chat widget, the integrations and features offered, as well as the price point. 

As we explain each of the following best live chat software options, we’ll explore these elements and help you hone in on the best fit for your business. Let’s get started. 

1. Intercom

best live chat software Intercom

Key features: Smart routing and lead qualification.

If you’re part of a sales team, then Intercom offers arguably the best live chat software for your needs. You’ll be able to route leads to designated representatives, expand messaging via email, and use browsing behavior to target contacts and leads. It also supports integration for top business tools such as Zoom, Slack,, and others. 

Intercom mainly focuses on lead generation, customer support, and customer engagement, providing its clients a conversational relationship platform that offers live chat as well as chatbots. 

With smart routing and lead qualification, you can use chatbots to qualify leads at any time of the day or night and get them routed to the right sales reps. They can even book demos without your team being online, making it the best live chat software for sales teams. 

What’s more, you can personalize your content, segment customers, introduce your products, and even trigger outbound email according to the web page the visitor is viewing and what their behavior is like. 

If a customer needs support, they can click on the Intercom chat and search for articles in the help center that will appear directly within the chat. This can help boost customer satisfaction as well as save time for your agents when they need to focus their energy on more in-depth concerns or situations.

2. LiveChat

best live chat software LivChat

Key features: Message sneak-peeks and multi-website chat.

LiveChat can help you turn your website visitors into leads and clients. As another of the best live chat software for sales teams and support, some top features include chat transcripts, archives, multilingual chat, report creation, and even software integrations with other business tools. They offer 200+ unique integrations. 

With LiveChat, you can keep track of your sales and customer service team performance and even include chat tags in your reports so that your data is more clear, allowing you to make actionable decisions. 

Other standout features of this best live chat software: 

  • Message sneak peeks
  • Ticket forms 
  • Chat on multiple websites
  • Pre-chat survey 

The message sneak peeks allow agents or sales reps to see what the visitor is typing before they even send the message; this helps the agent to begin generating a response and/or look for required information and answers, speeding up response time and quality. 

Each live chat will begin with a custom pre-chat survey that will capture vital information from the customer, including email, order ID, or other important info so that the agent will have it right away. You’ll also have ticket forms when your agents aren’t online to capture any prospects that visit your site.

3. Pure Chat

best live chat software Pure Chat

Key features: Comprehensive free plan and multi-website chat.

Key features: Comprehensive free plan and multi-website chat.

Pure Chat is one of the best live chat software services if you’re looking to start off with a free 30 days, offering unlimited chats and chat transcripts. Pure Chat offers a great level of customization so that your brand image is aligned and you can use canned responses to get quick replies out to your visitors. 

The free chat plan that Pure Chat offers is comprehensive, and some of the features that make it a part of our best live chat software list include: 

  • Unlimited chat and transcripts
  • Advanced customization options
  • CRM and other integrations
  • Canned responses
  • Chat notifications and alerts
  • Visitor information

The only downside is that the free plans don’t include any tracking or analytics, which means if you need some more advanced features, the Growth or Pro plans can offer you these elements, including real-time analytics, visitor tracking, and comprehensive account reports and stats. 

Pure Chat’s paid plans will provide you with more operators and it can be integrated with multiple websites. 

4. LiveHelpNow

best live chat software LiveHelpNow

Key features: Social integration and smart automation.

If you want to be able to manage multiple requests in real time with a seamless platform, LiveHelpNow may be the best live chat software for you. It’s a comprehensive live chat suite that offers conversational support for your visitors as well as a help desk system. 

LiveHelpNow allows you to customize your features so that it suits your needs and it also supports multiple brands with no extra cost or inconvenience, which is perfect for larger teams with a lot of support tickets like call centers or partner relationships. 

In order to quickly respond to your visitors or clients, you can take advantage of their unlimited canned messages feature and save as many of you need to address common issues, which will help your agents respond quickly and effectively. 

LiveHelpNow also provides an array of monitoring and coaching features, which makes it an effective live chat solution for managers; you can use the routing and round-robin assignment features to save time and minimize tedious admin work. As your agents work in real time, you can monitor and score them. 

Another unique aspect of LiveHelpNow is their Whisper Technology. You can help your agents by sending suggestions during a chat without the customer having any idea. If you’re training agents or need to monitor their conversational support, this is definitely one of the best live chat software to do so. 

You can take advantage of: 

  • SMS messaging
  • Internal and external knowledge bases
  • Call management software 
  • Support tickets

As with many other best live chat software, you have access to integrations for different business tools.


best live chat software Acquire

Key features: Screen share and smart suggestions.

If your needs for the best live chat software are based around a multi-channel messaging platform with cobrowse, live chat, business analytics, and more, then Acquire will offer you a satisfying option. 

Acquire can make use of bots to onboard new customers as well as answer common questions; you can take advantage of conversational support for more personalized customer service, and profile management can help you to escalate customer conversations as needed. 

There are screen share options, video support, and also both desktop and mobile functionality, making it unique when compared to other solutions. They also provide cobrowsing, which permits sales teams to create a seamless sales process and improve their prospect conversations. 

With the canned (automated) message feature, you can easily send answers to commonly-asked questions and Acquire’s AI smart suggestions can recognize key words and then suggest responses intuitively to minimize the impact on your team’s workflow. 

There are two notable features with Acquire’s best live chat software: 

  • Multilingual features: have effective conversations with your customers in their preferred languages through detection and translation
  • Notes: team members can privately note critical information from their conversation to help any future agents with resolution

6. LiveAgent

best live chat software LiveAgent

Key features: Personalized proactive chat invitations and automated distribution.

Using LiveAgent, you’ll be able to create instant connections with many advanced features that can even be powered by automation. Its hybrid ticket stream system makes it one of the best live chat software available. 

You can engage with your customers on all of the typical communication channels and each conversation will be saved as a ticket in the universal inbox; these tickets can be tagged for more effective organization and quick search. Tagging options include a specific phrase and color palette, thus agents can find conversation history immediately. 

LiveAgent is also one of the best live chat software for management because the automated chat distribution can allow for assignment to agents based on their ability and skill set. You can also control the average wait time with a predefined limit of chats that can be queued, changing your website chat widget to offline until the limit is cleared.

When this happens, users can still send contact via the pre-chat form that asks for their email so that they can be contacted later, reducing wait time and increasing satisfaction. 

Agents can preview the live chat message through the real-time typing feature so that they can plan in advance and answer quickly. 

With over 142 integrations, you can add business tools like WordPress, Shopify, and more. 

7. Drift

best live chat software Drift

Key features: VIP targeting and meetings.

Drift allows its clients to automate portions of the chat process to make your workflow as effective as possible, making it #7 on our list of the best live chat software. 

Drift offers:

  • LeadBot: qualify leads and help book meetings to convert your prospects 
  • Highly-personalized messages: target specific accounts and individuals for increased engagement and responses 
  • Integrations: your list of contacts can be transferred to and tracked with Drift integrations, allowing VIP accounts to be identified and greeted with a personalized message from their rep or account manager. This seamless integration and conversational support is perfect for customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

If you need the best live chat software to help you schedule meetings and get our customers to the ideal sales representative or account manager, Drift is for you— they’re geared towards marketing and sales. 

8. SnapEngage

best live chat software SnapEngage

Key features: Omni-channel chat solution and HIPAA compliance.

If you need your best live chat software to be HIPAA compliant, you’ll be excited to learn that SnapEngage can meet that need, making it perfect for medical companies that deal with sensitive patient information. 

What’s more, SnapEngage has a variety of CRM integrations, allowing chats to be managed from an array of channels. This allows you to engage with prospects directly no matter where they are visiting you from, and the CRM integration provides custom workflow mapping that creates a seamless sales workflow. 

SnapEngage also offers support from implementation specialists to help get your account up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. These specialists will help you with: 

  • Account setup 
  • Integration
  • Admin trainings
  • Optimize chat sales initiatives

SnapEngage also offers a chatbot that can take over and answer common questions and requests as well as capture visitor information for better lead building and conversion. If you need an omni-channel chat solution, SnapEngage fits the bill as the best live chat software with HIPAA compliance.

9. Olark

best live chat software Olark

Key features: Customizable forms and powerful add-ons.

You can chat in real time, organize customer data, and apply live chat insights through Olark’s best live chat software. You’ll be able to customize chat messages to see which pages your visitors have viewed and view past conversations from the visitor (if any). 

The website chat widget can be added to different pages on your website and can also send targeted messages based on the page the visitor is checking out. Information can be collected from the visitor before the chat begins, allowing the agent to provide an even more customized experience. 

Information that can be gathered include: name, email, team size, product preferences, problem, etc. You can customize this pre-chat form to your liking. 

For larger teams, Olark can still be your best live chat software: there are features to distribute chats, monitor team performance, as well as a database of canned responses that can be linked to shortcuts. 

Olark has affordable pricing and additional add-ons can be selected as you wish, which will make your live chat software even more powerful with features like visitor screen-sharing, visitor insights, and live chat translation.

10. Bold360 (Now Genesys)

best live chat software Genesys

Key features: AI-powered and self-service options.

Bold360 from LogMeIn was acquired by Genesys and as of May 2021 the acquisition is complete. Bold360 is officially Genesys now, and you can still expect powerful AI as well as self-service options from this best live chat software. 

With extremely well-developed chatbot options as well as the possibility for media-rich omni channel communication in addition to their 24/7 service options can be applied to the channel that your visitors prefer, you have a lot of opportunity to facilitate effective conversational support with Genesys. 

Genesys offers a user-friendly dashboard that helps your agents to get all of the information they need to provide a positive customer experience and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Their chatbots also grasp customer intent with natural language understanding for high levels of customer satisfaction from either AI or a real agent.

If you need the best live chat software and want a high-performing omni-channel chatbot, Genesys is an excellent choice.

11. LivePerson

best live chat software LivePerson

Key features: Multichannel messaging and AI-powered conversations.

LivePerson’s best live chat software allows you to reach different prospects through a multitude of channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. You’ll also have access to a tool called BotStudio, which allows you to use premade templates for your bot creation, making it easier than ever.

You’ll be able to use AI to help your customers buy products and get answers on their preferred messaging platform, which can increase customer satisfaction. LivePerson asserts that roughly 70% of consumer inquiries can be handled via automation. 

LivePerson allows you to build, manage, and optimize chatbots through industry-specific templates that you can easily apply and customize, allowing your bot to offer high-level conversations with visitors. 

Your own agents can also use LivePerson to communicate with visitors or prospects, making it one of the best live chat software options for those who love efficiency.

12. Zendesk Chat

best live chat software Zendesk

Key features: Robust chat analytics and shortcuts.

Zendesk Chat is a part of the Zendesk service that allows you to use their best live chat software to implement messaging that provides rich conversational support to your clients and prospects. The website chat widget integrates directly into the Zendesk platform for easy and seamless management. 

There are also expansive chat analytics that will help your team to evaluate agent performance as well as maximize conversion and issue resolution. 

Features of Zendesk include: 

  • Automated triggers
  • Pre-chat and offline forms
  • Chatbots
  • Chat routing
  • Tags
  • Shortcuts 
  • Analytics 

These are some of the standout features that truly make Zendesk one of the best live chat software tools available due to the ease of management and integration with the customer service system. 

You can use the automated triggers to send targeted, behavior-based messages to your prospects and assist them in the decision-making process. If your team is offline, pre-chat and offline forms help take care of them. 

Zendesk is an all-in-one solution for your agents and you can also link multiple profiles from outside messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more to have a centered hub for communication. Zendesk also offers integrations with WordPress, Squarespace, and many more.

13. ClickDesk

best live chat software ClickDesk

Key features: Video and voice chat software.

If you need your best live chat software to include video and voice features, ClickDesk may be a prime option for your team. Visitors will be able to initiate a chat from maps and pre-chat surveys will allow you to collect vital contact information. 

Sales teams will be able to close sales more effectively by reps conducting product demos and in-the-moment calls with prospects. Conversations can also be transferred between reps for optimal customer service and experience. 

ClickDesk also provides daily and weekly chat analytics so that you can track the number of missed chats, how much coverage your live chat is providing you, and how long chats lasted on average over a period of time. 

In addition, you’ll gain translation for over 90 languages, personalized greetings, and unlimited websites, which undoubtedly makes ClickDesk one of the best live chat software out there.

14. Userlike

best live chat software UserLike

Key features: Operator routing and scalability.

Great for both sales teams and service teams alike, the different features for creating personalized conversations on Userlike makes it one of the best live chat software for teams that want to route their clients and engage with clients through outside messaging platforms. 

When one of your visitors provides their email address, the data will also be used to create a contact called a smart profile for easy management. Contacts can also give feedback on services and features with Userlike. 

Website visitors also have the option to select themselves which department they want to talk with, either service or sales, and what skills they’re looking for that pertain to their particular business or industry. 

Repeat visitors who have had previous conversations will be able to speak to the same person again because Userlike assigns the conversation to that person automatically, making the communication process even more direct. 

If you still need to assign a conversation manually, you can also do that; transcripts will be recorded so that your client or prospect avoids repetitive conversations. 

With high-level integrations with many CRMs and other business tools as well as the ability to screen share and multi-chat features, Userlike will satisfy many needs as one of the best live chat software on the market.

15. Smartsupp

best live chat software Smartsupp

Key feature: Video recording.

Another of the best live chat software for those needing video recording is Smartsupp. Sales agents will be able to see the movement of each visitor on the website and help them to understand customer behavior as they get ready to have their conversations. 

You’ll also have access to a lot of great features via a free plan; if you want advanced or premium features like unlimited shortcuts, automated messages, chat transfer, analytics, and customization, the paid plans are the best option for you. 

You can use Smartsupp’s automated messaging feature to engage with visitors at exactly the right moment as well as create personalized messages that work for many different scenarios related to your business. Smartsupp offers integration with top platforms like WordPress and Shopify, and also tracks your chat conversations via Google Analytics.

16. Zoho Desk

best live chat software Zoho Desk

Key features: Customizable and automated responses.

You’ll be able to customize and automate your customer conversational support via Zoho Desk. One of the best live chat software tools for customer service, you can also extend the use of Zoho Desk to your sales team for better efficiency. 

For instance, to ensure seamless customer interaction, you can set assignment rules for each channel so that sales reps have clear direction in each conversation. There are also automation features that gather contact info and provide canned responses for repetitive concerns or questions. 

Zoho Desk’s website chat widget also provides feedback forms so that prospects can inform you about whether or not the canned response was helpful, allowing you to improve the responses for future interactions.

17. Chaport

best live chat software Chaport

Key features: Multichannel and group chats.

Chaport is one of the best live chat software tools because you can add a live website chat widget, connect other communication channels in a seamless communication hub, as well as automate your website’s sales and support. 

Through the Chaport live chat software, you can: 

  • Generate leads 
  • Reduce cart abandonment 
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Collect visitor emails 
  • Forward the message to other reps or agents
  • Send personalized greetings and auto-invites
  • Answer questions for multiple communication channels in one dashboard 

The dashboard for Chaport can connect to outside channels like Facebook, live chat, Telegram, and more, making communication via multiple preferred channels even easier. Your visitors can also get relevant messages as they browse your website; these auto-messages will be triggered based on customer behavior. 

Chaport offers many integrations for CRMs and other business tools, including Slack, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Suites, and more.

18. Freshchat

best live chat sfotware Freshchat

Key features: Multichannel and priority inbox.

If your team is looking for the best live chat software in terms of conversational support and automated one-on-one messaging, Freshchat will meet all of your needs and more. They offer proactive live chat and a website chat widget to bolster your sales performance. 

Because Freshchat is conversion-focused for sales teams, you’ll always be able to communicate with your prospects at exactly the right time through triggered messages that are driven by customer behavior to encourage making a purchase. You can also use email campaigns to promote actions after a prospect has engaged with your brand in addition to chatbots for lead qualification. 

Using language, site behavior, and navigation path, Freshchat allows your reps to gain insight into the prospect and allow them to create natural, flowing conversations centered around conversion. 

Notable features include omni-channel chat and priority inbox functions. All of your external messaging integrations will appear in a dashboard, allowing for all communications to take place easily. Messages can also be filtered on response time and the priority inbox features helps to organize and manage prospects efficiently, making Freshchat a truly competitive option for the best live chat software title among sales-focused software.

19. Nextiva

best live chat software Nextiva

Key feature: Collaborative and internal chat.

Nextiva is focused on connecting your phone system with business apps, AI, and automation for a streamlined way to communicate with your leads and clients, making it one of the best live chat software tools for both service and sales teams. 

You can communicate with clients on multiple channels and connect everyone all in one place, use analytics to better understand your business and customers, as well as automate repetitive tasks or questions for time optimization. 

Nextiva is cloud-based, making it easily accessible, and also includes key features like: 

  • Shortcuts
  • Availability and business hours 
  • Offline forms 
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Internal chat 
  • Broadcast messages
  • Analytics for rep performance performance and visitor tracking

The internal chat feature is especially useful because sales reps can communicate on different cases and help to boost conversion and close rate. The user interface is seamless and easy to use.

20. Chatra

best live chat software Chatra

Key features: Group chat and automated messages.

When you want your best live chat software to allow real-time visitor communication and extremely user-friendly message management, Chatra is a great option. You’ll be able to communicate on a variety of different channels including social media and email and monitor website visitors and communicate with them based on the page that they’re browsing. 

Chatra also tells you information about their location, how long they’ve been online, and what OS they are currently using. The goal of Chatra is to help you boost sales, use chatbots for routine work and communication, as well as communicate anywhere using their mobile app for on-the-go conversations. 

During chats, reps can cross-sell as well as upsell, boosting the number of closes. Other notable features include: 

  • Automated messages
  • Group chats
  • Read receipts


best live chat software

Key features: Video and voice chat and screen sharing.

If budget is your main concern when choosing the best live chat software, you’ll love because it’s completely free. You’ll have access to top features of live chat, including: 

  • Automated messaging
  • Widget customization
  • Reporting
  • Multilingual chat 
  • Integrations with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more

You can also take advantage of their group chat feature, allowing all relevant sales reps and decision-makers to converse from directly within the platform. There are also features for video chat and screen share. 

Reporting from includes engagement tracking and sentiment analysis that categorizes chats into positive or negative groupings, as well as unlimited chat history and chat tags, allowing you to easily see both chat volume and response time.

22. Help Crunch

best live chat software Help Crunch

Key features: Chat transcripts and rating.

Help Crunch is considered one of the best live chat software solutions because of its intuitive interface, behavior tracking, as well as canned responses, making it an all-in-one customer communication platform. 

A live chat software to help sales reps pre-qualified leads, you’ll boost your conversion and offer more conversational support because Help Crunch is collecting leads for your reps around the clock. 

Some effective features include: 

  • User behavior 
  • Response saving 
  • Live visitor profiles with behavioral data
  • Chat transcripts
  • Canned responses 
  • Auto chat rating after closing conversation 
  • Customizable to needs and brand style

23. iAdvize

best live chat software iAdvize

Key features: On-demand experts, tailor-made support.

Known as an incredibly scalable and effective omni-channel platform, iAdvize is among the best live chat software solutions on the market today. You can give your visitors a simple and seamless omni-channel chat experience including text, voice, and video on the channel of their choice. 

iAdvize also offers intelligent features like the targeting engine and chatbot builder to help automate conversational support and quality prospects. 

No matter which channel you are communicating from, there is a seamless inbox integration that allows the conversation thread to remain in the hub without leaving the platform, no matter where the conversation is started. 

There are expansive tracking features that help you monitor your satisfaction rates, conversion, sales, and much more. You’ll be able to access iAdvize’s customer success manager to help you develop the most effective strategy for your website chat widget. 

Integrations with top CRMs, APIs, and other business tools make iAdvize one of your best live chat software solutions.

24. Tidio

best live chat software Tidio

Key features: Chatbots and automation.

Whether you’re looking to boost your sales, communicate quickly and effectively, or speed things up with chat automation, Tidio offers some of the best live chat software available. With tons of powerful integrations, you’ll have a comprehensive communication tool when you use Tidio. 

You can: 

  • Use chatbots to automate processes 
  • Customize your website chat widget look and feel 
  • Set up in minutes
  • Communicate from anywhere with Tidio’s mobile app 
  • Watch real-time visitor navigation for nuanced conversations 
  • Create a central hub for multi-channel communication 
  • View live typing 
  • See a visitor list 
  • Link up to third-party integrations 

The automation features of Tidio can be triggered by certain conditions or events and all customer responses are kept in a single inbox that can help support agents to quickly and collaboratively respond.

Grow Better With Live Chat

The best live chat software solutions will no doubt make a big difference in your lead generation, conversion, as well as customer support and satisfaction. Regardless of your goals, any one of these 24 best live chat software options can help take your website to the next level through the use of a website chat widget. 

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Which of the best live chat software options are you planning to use? Let us know in the comments!

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