27 Best Free WordPress Themes (Hand-Picked for 2021)

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best free wp themes

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The look and feel of your website is one of the most important things to increase the time visitors spend on your page and make sure that you provide a positive experience. Free WP themes can do that, but choosing the right one is very important. 

If you’re looking for the best free WordPress themes that can elevate your website’s appearance, there are a good number of them that can satisfy you. These themes for WordPress are easy on the wallet and will even help you to look as if you hired a professional web designer for your page! 

We’ve done the research on the best free WordPress themes and this post will help you to choose exactly the right one for your site. Let’s get started! 

The Best Free WordPress Themes 2021

The following themes are absolutely stunning and can add a lot of value to your website, no matter if you’re looking for the best free WordPress themes for business, blogs, or for your own personal site. 

These 27 WordPress themes that are free will capture your attention and you’ll be able to get them up and running on your site in no time. Here, we’ll explain a bit more about what the themes offer and what types of sites they may work best for. 

1. OceanWP

best free WordPress themes OceanWP

For all different types of websites and purposes, we consider this to be one of the best free WordPress themes. You’ll be able to use it for all types of sites— membership, ecommerce, blogging, and more. 

It’s one of the most popular WordPress themes that are free, and loads very quickly, which is especially effective for ecommerce. Ocean WP is responsive to all devices, so it will look appealing and fluid no matter where your viewers are browsing. 

2. Astra

best free WordPress themes Astra

Used on over 1.6m websites, Astra offers some of the best free WordPress themes. Offering themes that are incredibly fast and professional looking, you’ll be able to use Astra’s pre-built site templates with a range of free WP themes for all purposes. 

You’ll also be able to customize different elements of the page without using any type of code whatsoever, including font customization to match your brand image. Astra offers clean and customizable themes for WordPress, which is why they’re one of the fastest-growing choices on the market today. 

3. Hestia

best free WordPress themes Hestia

Hestia comes from ThemeIsle and is without a doubt one of the best free WordPress themes if you want a slick design that is ready for integration with WooCommerce. The speed is almost unmatched, it comes with starter sites, and is also compatible with the page builder and customizer. 

If you’re looking for a straightforward theme that is flexile and focuses on speed and performance, you can’t go wrong with Hestia.

4. Neve

best free WordPress themes Neve

Another one of the best free WordPress themes, Neve, also comes from ThemeIsle. If you anticipate that you’ll be getting a lot of mobile pricing, you’ll love Neve, as they are focused on a mobile-first approach and also integrates with different page builders so that creating your site is accessible to those no matter their skill level. 

Neve is fast, lightweight, offers reliable updates, and is built with quality code and full support, making it flexible and easy to use. There’s no need to use HTML or CSS, so Neve is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with any elements of coding in their free WP themes. 

5. Simple

best free WordPress themes Simple

Built by Themify, Simple is one of the best free WordPress themes for those looking to add in a Shopify store on their WordPress site. You'll be able to create a powerful ecommerce experience on your website without having to redirect users to a separate Shopify site. 

If you don’t have an e-commerce site or Shopify store, Simple is still a flexible choice that can be adapted to pretty much any type of WordPress site. It offers a simple theme that will enhance your performance and is responsive for viewing from any type of device as well. 

6. Fremedy

best free WordPress themes Fremedy

A free theme that will run on either Thesis 2 or Genesis, Fremedy is one of the best free WordPress themes for those who are familiar and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg designing their WordPress site. 

It comes stock with a customizable slider, portfolio features, and will work on all major web browsers as well as on different devices. It’s a simple and straightforward theme for those no-nonsense websites out there. 

7. North Shore

best free WordPress themes North Shore

North Shore is a refreshing and straightforward option if you’re looking for the best free WordPress themes because it brings simple functionality and high speeds to your website. You can include your social media links with simple icons and also has an easy-to-use toolbar for quick navigation on your site. 

The navigation bar is also transparent on North Shore, allowing you to use an impactful and striking background image to captivate your visitors. 

8. Foodica Lite

foodica lite themes

Foodica Lite comes from WPZoom and is one of the most practical, best free WordPress themes for those that are looking to create food-based blogs and websites that share recipes. There’s also simple and straightforward integration with WooCommerce, giving you the features you need to stand out and create a high-functioning website that looks great. 

The white color scheme helps your food images to really pop, and you can also include your social media handles using the icons at the top right of the screen with Foodcia Lite

9. Agama

best free WordPress themes Agama

With a multipurpose design that works for a wide range of different websites, Agama no doubt deserves a spot on our best free WordPress themes list. It can be used in a variety of ways and with a sleek, modern design based around a white color scheme, Agama also allows your images to be the center focus on your webpage. 

You’ll be able to integrate Agama with WooCommerce as well as use it in tandem with most popular page builders. 

10. Albar

best free WordPress themes Albar

Available directly from WordPress, Albar is a multipurpose theme that is responsive and one of the best free WordPress themes if you’re creating a business website, portfolio, online shop, or a personal blog. Albar works with WooCommerce integration if you want to create an eCommerce store, and you can also use the simple page builder to help you customize your site. Albar also offers you different page templates for even easier site creation. 

11. Vlogr

best free WordPress themes Vlogr

As you may be able to tell from the name, Vlogr is among the best free WordPress themes for video bloggers and those who use a lot of video media. Vlogr is completely responsive with seamless viewing on any device, and it has integrations for major video hosting sites including YouTube and Vimeo, making it easy to display your media. 

Even better, the theme is designed for retina and 4K, meaning that your content will appear as sharp as ever. 

12. Ascend

best free WordPress themes Ascend

With many features that appear as if it were a premium theme, Ascend offers its users much to enjoy. Ascend has a well-designed vertical menu and a transparent header that can transform as the user scrolls through your page. 

Ascend is considered one of the best free WordPress themes for businesses, ecommerce, as well as blogs. It’s an amazingly versatile theme that can be customized to your liking and will load very quickly. 

13. Prolific

best free WordPress themes Prolific

A popular choice as a multipurpose WordPress theme, Prolific will help your website to be sleek and modern with high-level functionality. You’ll be able to create customized widgets and include a testimonial section, making it an excellent choice for businesses and ecommerce sites. 

With so many different features making it reminiscent of a premium theme, Prolific holds its place among the best free WordPress themes. You can easily add in your social media buttons as well as select from custom color options for the look and feel of your site. 

14. Minimal Magazine

Best free WordPress themes Minimal Magazine

For lovers of minimal websites, Minimal Magazine may be one of the best free WordPress themes for you. It has a simplistic and modern design that is perfect for publishers, blog creators, and more. The layouts are responsive for all devices and load quickly for a top user experience. 

15. Business Owner

best free WordPress themes Business Owner

Business Owner is one of the best free WordPress themes for, you guessed it— business owners! It offers multiple primary color options, live customizer, responsive design, and different creative sections on the home page, making it perfect for those building a business website. 

16. Nothing Personal

best free WordPress themes Nothing Personal

A beautiful option among free WP themes, Nothing Personal could be considered a top contender among best free WordPress themes for blogs. With a focus on visuals and a layout that will help you to showcase your content, it can also work for a portfolio website. 

17. Just Read

best free WordPress themes JustRead

There are plenty of choices in terms of best free WordPress themes that adhere to a minimal design, and Just Read is one of them. They offer users an experience that focuses on reading experience and speed, making it perfect for a blog or business site. 

18. Biscuit Lite

best free WordPress themes Biscuit Lite

If you have a cooking or recipe blog, Biscuit Lite could be one of the best free WordPress themes for your website. It has a fast and responsive design that allows your content to shine with its simple and sleek design. 

19. Riba Lite

best free WordPress themes Riba Lite

Sleek and approachable, Riba Lite is another of the best free WordPress themes with a minimal design that is optimal for storytellers and content creators. It’s a crisp, no-nonsense option with a great user experience that is easy to customize. 

20. Screenr

best free WordPress themes Screenr

A bold theme that will offer modern design apt for agencies, bloggers, portfolios, businesses, or freelancer, Screenr is one of the best free WordPress themes for those looking for a contemporary feel on their site. 

21. Knight

best free WordPress themes Knight

Knight is a Gutenberg-supported WordPress blog theme with a clean, minimal layout, making it one of the best free WordPress themes for those looking to create an attractive, customizable, and responsive blog site. 

22. Blog Elite

best free WordPress themes Blog Elite

Another of the best free WordPress themes for blogs is Blog Elite. Offering users a gorgeous look that is responsive and easy to navigate, this theme is becoming one of the fastest-growing free WP themes available today. 

23. Business Intuition

best free WordPress themes Business Intuition

If you’re looking for one of the best free WordPress themes to help make your WordPress site faster, Business Intuition could just be the one for you. It’s a responsive and sleek option for creating a high-performing business, agency, corporate, or personal website. 

24. Business Startup

best free WordPress themes Business Startup

One of the best free WordPress themes with some stunning visual quality, Business Startup comes equipped with a live customizer, page builder, and custom widgets to give your visitors the exact experience you have in mind. 

25. Fruitful

Best free WordPress themes Fruitful

A straightforward and easy-to-navigate theme, Fruitful is one of the best free WordPress themes for those who want a simple user experience that keeps visitors on your website longer. You can easily upload your logo and background images in addition to editing things like menu positions, sliders, custom CSS, and more. 

26. Mesmerize

Best free WordPress themes Mesmerize

With a plethora of customizable options using Mesmerize and a wide range of templates, you can provide your visitors with a unique experience. One of the best free WordPress themes for easy design, you’ll get to see real-time changes and change design elements like spacing, background, graphics, header layout, and more. 

27. Indiana

best free WordPress themes Indiana

The final option for the best free WordPress themes is Indiana, offering you one of the most popular minimal WordPress designs with great on-page sectioning and customizable options. You can use their live customizer to see exactly how everything will look, making it one of the top choices among free WP themes. 


That brings our list of the best free WordPress themes to a close. With so many different options available to you, you have plenty of freedom in designing a website that keeps your visitors coming back for more. 

If you’re considering a new theme or changing one that you already have, make sure you have a good WordPress backup plugin to keep your website safe and saved. What WordPress theme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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